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Morning All! It was pretty apparent by yesterday that it's a cold when the coughing continued. Was up in the night with congestion. Up for real at 6 am--yikes, it's Sunday for goodness sake.

Diane, my husband was always scrooge about Christmas decorating, especially the tree. The first Christmas after my dx, drugged on heavy chemos, I just didn't want to think about it. He dragged the tree and the ornaments out and waited. He told friends he waited and when nothing happened after a few days, he started decorating it. After he broke a couple of ornaments, I took over lol. Have been doing it ever since.

Stephanie, if I were you, I would stay in vaca mode for as long as possible. At least thru the weekend. Don't overdo as I've been doing until you are certain you avoided getting a cold on the plane. We were just talking about flying to CA with the kids when they were about 4 and 7. It was a big jet and we were sitting near Mohammed Ali and his wife. They were so nice. My son asked him for his window seat and he gave it to him. It put him behind us and he chatted and did a little drawing for my daughter.

Judy, I know how you feel about connecting with your friend's family. I did that with my friend Jim's family when he died. I still go to town and visit with them in Feb when they come in for a winter visit. I really cherish my time with them. He's been on my mind so much recently. There was no competing with his Christmas decorating. It was the highlight of the season when he said it was done and I could come visit. I'm jealous reading about that meal R made for you. My chef is in OH.

Going to put this house together. What's done is done. I have to box the things I removed to accommodate the decorations and put all the boxes back on the shelf. The cleaning lady will come Thursday and I'll be all set for my family on Saturday. I can't wait!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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well poo. I just used my car for the first time in 3 weeks - started right up. But I noticed some plant debris on the passenger seat, then noticed the arm rest was in the up position...and the (ash) change tray is gone! Someone got in and stole the tray and the pennies and a few dimes, and maybe my Dad's cheap broken watch that I hadn't thrown out yet. Don't see any damage or forced entry and I think the doors were locked. They missed the compartment with the quarters! Nothing else of interest, other than 2 umbrellas, but they left those as well.

Kind of freaks me out. Hope I can easily buy a replacement change tray so I don't have to see that gap every time I use the car. How'd they get in?

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Wow Steph, that is really weird. Well, I decided to start a Carepage for updates for me. I don't know if that is a thing that a lot of hospitals do, but they do here. It allows you to write updates on your health, and anyone who subscribes (Family and Friends) get an email when there is an update. It's nice because then no one can be offended if you forgot to update them. I"m blessed to have many circles of friends and think this will be helpful.

If interested, go to http://www.carepages.com

Put in your email and enter a password

Once in search for Joppette. That is what I'm in there under.

Tomorrow I'll be up by 6:15. Seriously???? LOL. I figure they are going to hook me up to contrast for two hours, so I'll just nap there!

MI Judy

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