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Morning All! Woke up with the chickens again, at least with the garbage truck. I'm tired already when I get up and my throat is still sore. Have an appointment with the Key West Onc today. The one whose been upsetting with his forceful disagreements with my real onc at MDA.

Stephanie, that is weird. Maybe in your hurry to go on your trip you forgot to lock it. If so, still they must have been in a hurry not to be seen if they missed the quarters. Maybe kids. Hope you can get that ashtray without it costing a fortune. Sometime silly little replacement things do.

Judy, will be thinking of you today. I hate the PET because of the food restrictions the day before and morning of. Hope you get the results soon so you can post them for us. We're waiting with you.

Have a good day everyone. Wish I could just stay right here in my chair.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

First Judy MI,best wishes with your PET scan today,sorry I am a bit late,hope you dont have to wait long for the results.

I had some frost on the car yesterday morning to scrape off,en route to ABC,I really must find time to clear the garage out to get room for my car over winter.Home late last night,clear skies so I parked my car close to my gable wall in the drive just outside the central heating boiler,where it will get some radiated heat,not much though due to cavity wall insulation,but anyway its very sheltered.I had to laugh though when I woke this morning to find my car covered in 4 inches of snow.

Well I didnt want to venture out to the gym at Cumbernauld,the snow was still falling so went back to bed,and slept in until 10.30am would you believe.I am just looking out my study window and the weather has changed,clear blue skies and bright sunshine,its just a winter wonderland outside,I must get my walking shoes and warm gear on,I love walking in this weather,I will walk round to the shops and pick the newspaper and some rolls.

I am having a Christmas lunch on Thursday with my buddy Bill,we are meeting up with our former admin assistants Liz and Rhoda,i am so looking forward to this as we always have a great time to-gether.Lucky me again,a week on Wednesday another Christmas lunch,my yoga club have oganised this dinner and invited me along,Eric at his best,the only male in the company of approx 16 women,to think they were a bit aprehensive about inviting me in case I would have felt a bit uncomfortable,not a chance.

Sunday my big day,got my speech ready,kilt ensomble,black jacket and bow tie.Parking will be a problem,so I am leaving my car at Jennifer's house and we will take a taxi to the venue.The Salvation Army band will be there,and a choir singing carols to welcome all the guests on arrival,led by Lt Bob McIntyre,the MC is Mike Edwards from Scottish Television,is'nt it exciting?wish you could all come,shame about the pond between us being so big.I will be thinking of you all on Sunday.

Stephanie,I am so pleased to hear of your holiday on Siscily(gosh I've forgotten how to spell it)I have heard its such a beautful island to visit,Its definately on my bucket list,I have visited many Med islands in the past,all of them wonderful,Ibiza,Majorca,Crete and Malta,happy memories indeed,sigh.Please if you have any holiday pics to share I would love to see them.Please pass on my regards to

Michael also.

Well I am off for my walk,i might drop by later,have a great day everyone.Bye.

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Judy Go get those scans girl!! Your going to ROCK them !

Eric enjoy that snowy walk and Judy take care of your self in Key west today!!

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On a serious note for a minute I am posting up an FB update From Lillian since she is having trouble getting in here right now!!

This was on FB about 30 minutes ago for those following her loss here also!

Lillian Duplantis

For those who haven't got the rest of the family on facebook. Preliminary cause of death for Jacci is pnumonia. We should know more later. This is so hard for me to understand and accept but most of all it is her children and grandchildren who need your prayers. For those of you who have given so much support we think you from the bottom or our hearts. Oh and please don't forget Paul. His health is improving but there is nothing for a broken heart. He needs many more prayers.

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Good afternoon! MI Judy, I'm hoping your scans are ok and that you can post the resuts ASAP.

Am I the only one who has noticed that the list of birthdays on the index page includes many, many people whose names are only a series (random, probably) of letters? What do you think that's all about?

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Hello! Thanks for the well wishes. I couldn't sleep last night, got about 4 fitful hours in. I complained that R's snoring, and Gibby's kicking kept me up. But I got to the hospital, got hooked up, and immediately zonked out inspite of the noisy hall noise. LOL. Slept like a baby. Got home about 12:30 and went back to bed for two more hours. Good stuff.

Judy, I know, the day before food restrictions are tough. That's why I scheduled it for 7:30AM. I didn't want to go all day starving either. She said my glucose was 100, which she said was perfect. A good indication of a person who is starving! LOL

I did have the CT with contrast first, and then the PET. I elected the lemon Omnipaque rather than that awful Barium Sulfate. She told me the side effects of both, and I explained that the Barium would make me gag and possibly lose the medication, we elected for the lemon stuff. Tonight my tummy is rumbling and not happy, but I'm mega dosing with water and am sure by tomorrow I'll feel fine.

I will have the test results by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest. The Onc. said he'd call in a day or two. I'm hoping it's two because I'm not sure I'm ready to move to the next phase of treatment.

The staff were awesome, and kind.

Thanks Randy for scaring off those darned bots.

Well, R is going to make a grilled chicken breast. Maybe with some kind of potatoes since those seem to sooth the raging beast! Talk to you tomorrow!

MI Judy

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Hi you guys, Hey MI. Judy, good job on the scans. I just know you will be OK . you did that like a true veteran. Being a veteran sounds pretty darn good to me. I usually opt for the disgusting "creme sicle" crap when they make me drink the barium. They want me to drink 2 whole containers. yukk. There is a sink in the quiet room and I always consider dumping one. There is also a camera. I just close my eyes and drink the blasted stuff. Good thing there's also a bathroom close by at the end of the scans. Then there's the waiting. That's what adivan is for I guess. Ah Man, I'm thinking of you Judy, we all know what it's like. I'm with ya.

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