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Morning All! Back into my warm robe this morning. Down in the sixties--not bad, Ann may be in the 50s.

Eric, when I was reading last night I realized we must have posted at about the same time yesterday but didn't cancel out. Or some nice person merged us. I thought I was opening and didn't see your opening post til later lol.

I am exhausted but finished a task I thought I'd never get to. My right hand is so bad with arthritis that I can't make out cards anymore so I use labels. I use labels badly too--I never have the right computer program for the labels I have. So it's a challenge. I didn't send cards last year so wanted to do it this year. I'm done but for the few for which I need to get addresses. Didn't finish til 6 pm. Late for me to be still working.

Have to go to town today. Hope I can get myself off my chair. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi friends,

Judy, good for you on the Christmas cards. I used to be a nut about sending cards. They always went out the day after Thanksgiving, and I sent about 200 out. When I was dx with cancer, I stopped cards. It was so much work, and I just didn't have it in me to do it anymore. People used to always say that "your card is always the first one I receive!" Its just one of those things I let go and doubt I'll get back into.

So...........still waiting. I put a call in yesterday at 4:00. It's frustrating. I'm ready to face the next steps. I wish he'd call and talk to me so I can prepare for whatever that is. Errrggg.

Oh well. Today is Gilda's day. I was hoping to have news to share with my group. Maybe not. Anyway, just going to try to live in the moment, right?

Patience is not a virtue that is one of mine.

MI Judy

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Judy in MI - waiting...not easy. Go be distracted. Yesterday was Eileen Fisher day at our Gildas- I did not go. They donate racks of clothes and members are welcome to help themselves to two pieces, as well as hand knitted scarves and hats. I think EF collects gently used and returned goods to donate. Maybe something like bring back your gently used clothes and get a discount on new clothes? Then offers them to cancer survivors. I brought home a shawl one year, but don't use it. Never found anything else that worked for me (too many size small!) They also have lots of commercial cards - Christmas, thank you, birthday - but usually no envelopes. Not sure who donates those.

Judy in KW - I use to send holiday cards and did the first year. I had surgery in November so I had some serious news to share. Well, some people that sent cards every year have never been heard from again. These were old acquaintances that sent cards even in years when I did not. I'm tempted to send cards this year with "I'm still alive" as the greeting. I know the USPS could use the business.

It was 34 degrees a few minutes ago. Pretty darn gray out there. M wrapped the bay tree to keep it warm and mulched the newer plantings. The backyard is full of bright yellow leaves falling from trees 2 doors away - cottonwoods maybe?

I was feeling a little mopey yesterday and called one of the cats over. She snuggled up against my thigh and we just stayed on the couch for 4 hours watching bad tv - well, she was smart enough to sleep. I caught up on Top Chef and some home renovation shows. Feeling a bit better this am.

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Judy, sorry you are still waiting. I thought the onc said if you didn't hear from him by yesterday afternoon that you should call him? Tomorrow is Friday, I'd call in the am so you might get a response before the weekend.

Stephanie, the "I'm still alive" idea is funny but I can't believe people stopped sending cards because you told them you had cancer. That is not funny!

Did my errands but couldn't get the two gifts I wanted to knock off my list. Got the groceries but of course am always thinking later, wish I'd gotten this or that for the company coming on Sat. I'm NOT going to the store again tomorrow.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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