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Friday's Air


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Just a warm hello and I wishing everyone a great weekend. my daughter's getting over strep throat and flu so it's been a very long week in this house...

A funny this morning...I sent Bud an email--just a quick note...fast typing and off it went.

my outlook always sends me a copy of every email I write so I took a second glance at it.

My autocorrection had changed "Bud" to 'Bed"

So I sent an email to bed.....


Have a great day!

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oops. That's a pretty funny auto correct. Could truly cause some trouble.

Frost out side today. Meeting the new onc at 11. Hope she has some time scheduled (she only works 2 or 3 days so I hear she is a bit rushed.)

Late response to Eric - I'll try loading some Sicily photos to Flickr - I find the whole process so tedious, but you've been so kind to share your adventures.

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Hi Stephanie,

My daughters boyfriend Chris showed me how to put my pics into facebook,its pretty simple,even to me,I cannot remember how difficult flikr was to load up?.I will list the steps for facebook on request from you if you wish.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Well we in Scotland really have had weather this week,Monday and Tuesday,heavy snow,Wednesday suddenly mild and wet,enough for the snow to disappear.Thursday blooming heck,large depression overhead,165 mile/hour winds recorded in the Cairngorms,Airdrie up to 80miles/hour.Well I am all dressed up for my Christmas lunch at Anniesland College with Bill,Liz and Rhoda,the phone rings,Liz-Eric sorry, dinner cancelled, college is closing now due to extreme weather. Well hopefully we can re-schedule lunch for another day,but possible the colleges training restaurant will be fully booked until after Christmas(the food is so good,and is massively subsidised to give the catering students some work practice).

I did get to my yoga class this morning,my first visit to the gym this week,going out with all the ladies Wednesday next for a Christmas Lunch,hopefully this one wont be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Edinburgh Zoo has just taken delivery of two giant Pandas from China this week, they are on a ten year loan period,poor things,with the weather they have been introduced to they will be wanting to go back home.

My sister has just phoned,her daughter Lianne,is moving her beauty therapy business to another location,could I,go to her shop to-morrow morning and assemble some flat pack furniture for her,now where did I put all my tools?. Just as well I don’t really like sitting about the house with little to do.

How is everyone?,sorry I have’nt been spending much time here keeping up with whats going downLOL.Judy MI,have you got your PET scans results back yet,and JudyKW,I do hope you have completed all your running back and forth to hospitals,and can now enjoy relaxing for the festive season approaching.

Its been a bit quiet here recently has’nt it? Where are all the guys?,Bud,Alan and Bruce,missing some of the gals too?.Time to go,got a bit of shopping to get in,may drop in later.Bye for now.

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HiAll, though this should be Saturday's Air since it's 2:20AM. Did get results today. For full details please go to http://carepages.com My handle is all lower case: joppette

Otherwise, I am being refered to a clinic that has my Onc., a Radiologist, a surgeon and a pulmonary doc. All four of them will evaluate and test me for the next steps. They are not comfortable with waiting another 3 months for another CT. Tests will begin to see if I am able to tolerate another surgery. There's more to it. You can catch up at my

Care Page.

Judy in MI

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