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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Sorry I didn't get in after my company left yesterday. Our cable and internet (both AT&T) were out all night. At least until we went to bed.

My cousin/sister and her daughters finally got here from their trip for a wedding in Marathon. They didn't have a lot of time but we had snacks and went to town. We did a whirlwind tour of KW, from the Gulf to the Atlantic. I made sure we made a stops. They wanted their pics taken at the Southermost Point bouy and the younger ones needed to do some shopping. When we got back, Stan had the company table set in the dining room and dinner was served in about 15 min. I was really impressed. Now he can do my job and his job too lol.

Judy, glad you got those new glasses and that you all are not too cold in MI. I usually buy my gifts too but wasn't happy with them so sent them back (twice!) to JJill. Ginny, congratulations to your grandson. And Christmas ready and healthy too, sounds like you are batting 100 or whatever that would be called in golf lingo lol. Ann, hope Thursday passes gently for you and you can perk up for Christmas. I know those grandkids will help there. Feeding a newborn--a very special thing. Hey Mike, we don't know what it was but thanks for the effort. Still holding our breath for you on the scan.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Glad to be home from the yoga and swimming the weather today,is dreadful,strong gales,rain,sleet and snow,I am thinking of going under the blankets until spring.This is my second post I am writing,I typed the first in word,so I wont lose it,yeah right- on completion push ctrl A,then ctrl C,up comes you already have a file Tuesdays Air update ? Yes,I get into LCSC,click ctrl V-nothing,try again nothing,I return to word,the old Tuesday’s Air is still there,my new one?into the ether Grrr.

Sunday’s Light Up a Star was really a super occassion,everything went according to plan,there was a 30 strong Choir from Stepps,with a similar size Salvation Army Band,the speakers were really good and a hugh audience to boot.The entire service was filmedby a professional media company, so it may be possible for me to post it into here?

Speaking of choirs I have just read in the newspaper today that the choir master Gareth Malone is crossing the Atlantic at the invitation of a major American TV network to run a pilot of his UK programme called The Choir,it has been running here for about two years and in that time Gareth has become one of out most endearing TV personalities,I just know you are all going to love his programme,mind you he is only on loan,we want him back.

Tomorrow is Christmas Lunch for my yoga class,I am so looking forward to this,it should be fun,Eric in the company of about 16 lovely ladies.Bowling tonight I do hope the weather improves though,otherwise I would prefer to stay at home.I will drop in later tonight to hear what you have all been getting up to?.Whats happened to all the guys recently?, have I bored the pants off everyone? Into moving on?.Bye for now.here goes, ctrl A ....

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Eric, you cracked me up with the Ctrl A at the end. I don't know what went snarky on you with the first post, but admire your tenacity in coming back and posting again! I agree, I miss the regular guys in here. I also am puzzled as to why new folks don't come here. I guess you and I were new and didn't know better? I am kidding of course.

Judy, good to see you back. Loved your litany on the tour of Key West. The only time we were there, it was for one over night and it sounds like what we did. It was lovely, and we'd love to get back there one day. R says we need to take a short vacation to some place warm after the holidays, and perhaps I'll suggest KW!

Today is clean the lower level day. I don't normally clean down there because it's rare that we use it. Silly. We built this home, and the lower level has dart board, foose ball, pool table, gaming table, and even a fake slot machine! We thought we'd be throwing these parties and entertaining all the time. And then real life hit and none of that happened. I sure hope it adds to the home's value when we sell it. If we could sell it today, we would. But the market won't bear it, so we're stuck with the mortgage until better times. Very thankful we can pay our mortgage, and not lose our home like so many have.

One of my best friends is coming over to help me. I'm very allergic to dust, so we'll be using liquids to trap the dust before it its the air and my lungs. Tomorrow I'll put up the Christmas tree.

Have not heard back from the Clinic yet, and that is okay with me. I found out on Cancergrace that when tumors lite on the PET but not bright, it usually means that the cancer is slow growing. Thank you Steph for that. If it lights bright, it is a fast metabolizing tumor. So if they don't call me until the New Year, I'd be happy with that.

I am so missing so many of the "old regulars" here. Feels like lost friends. I'm sorry for this complaint. I know everyone is busy, and we are all in different phases in our journey. I understand. I just miss you.

Have a wonderful day. Eric your weather sounds dreadful. We are cloudy and cold, but no snow, and no wind, so it's all good. Perfect day for cleaning.

Judy in MI

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Hi Judy, Judy and Eric. That sounds like it could be the name of the next top 40 band!!! Maybe you guys ought to consider it. Who knows how far to the top you might go.

KW Judy...sounds like a great whirlwind tour of KW. I haven't been to the Keys since 1988 when we moved up here from Miami. We used to tow our boat down and have some great weekends. Other than the great fishing, I loved the great food. It seemed like we never had a bad meal in KW.

MI Judy...I envy all of that room that you have. But, if I had more room I would just have more "stuff" and I really need to get rid of a lot of "stuff." There are so many little things from my past that I need to lose an attachment to. I'm with you on the dusting issue. A couple of weeks ago, I did a good cleaning of my walk-in closet and I was a wreck afterwards. Not sure which I was busier doing, sneezing or rubbing my eyes.

On top of this being a tough week in general, I came down with a nasty cold last night. Just before bedtime, I noticed a scratchy throat and this morning, it was congestion and the throat. I stopped at the drugstore and picked up Zicam tablets. Not sure if it works, but I'm willing to try most anything to get over a cold faster.

Glad to report that the rain finally stopped early this morning. It's a beautiful day, just too warm for December. I hope the nice weather continues. The entire family is going to see The Nutcracker on Saturday and then having a nice dinner out afterwards. Little Ella is taking ballet lessons now and is very excited about seeing The Nutcracker for the very first time.

Hope everyone has a nice remainder of their Tuesday.


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