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Wednesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 62 degrees as I rode to work this morning. Forecast high is 73, then storms and a cold front are supposed to hit. I'm hoping I make it home before the storms get here.

Things are going great with me, but I've been very busy. Things are hopping here at work, and I'm trying to do at least one DOD online review each evening to get that done before the deadline in January.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi Bud. Good to see that you got the air flowing this morning. It sounds like your weather is good and a little bit cooler than ours. We're supposed to have warm weather and dry skies through the end of the week. I'm hoping we get a good cold front just before Christmas.

Hope Judy, Judy and Eric are having a great day. They've usually already been here by the time I check in. Ummmm...wonder if they took my advice yesterday and started a band? Maybe they're preparing for a world tour as I type.

Nothing new to talk about. I still have my cold...think it's day # 3 now. If felt terrible this morning and didn't feel like I was going to make it here at work all day. But....I guess the Hot & Sour soup I had for lunch must have helped, as I believe I am feeling a little better.


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Well, it's gray outside and 39 degrees. But yesterday was very pretty.

Yesterday I went swimming and it was good except for the water slapper (someone doing the crawl who hits the water with an open hand?) in the next lane who kept getting water in my eyes and swamped my lane at one point so I inhaled a bunch of water and had a hard time catching my breath after that (last lap, of course.)

I also met a lc friend for a chat and catch up. A slice of pumpkin was ingested (by me.)

I only took one of those prochlorperazin's - and since, I've made it a point to eat by 6 and I have not been troubled. Thanks for the warning Bud - I'll watch for side effects if I start up again.

DOD! For those that don't know, I think that means Bud is reviewing funding proposals submitted to the Department of Defense, relative to lung cancer. That's a lot of work, so thank you!

Ann - thinking of you. Good to have you posting. M is playing with a cold. Thinks it is gone, then he gets congested. Or doesn't get a good night's sleep and feels crummy again. So far, I have avoided it.

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Afternoon All! Hi Bud, good to see you. Know what you mean about trying to get ahead of 2012 deadlines. Hope you make it home before that storm.

Ann, no not on the road with the band--yet anyway. I already have the bus though. Hope you have better luck with that cold than I do. I'm way better but the intermittent nasty cough and need to blow my nose is hanging on. I want to be ALL better.

Stan and I waiting all day and evening for AT&T Uverse tech. No show. Stan was on the phone trying to find out what's what for almost an hour. Our appointment got cancelled. No one knows (or is telling) by whom. Big joke is they gave me a website where I can check on our appointment status. All is says is "you are scheduled" and they are "sorry for any inconvenience." LOL No status as to when between 8am and 12pm they are coming. No surprise there, it's already almost 2 pm.

I am trying to get it together to leave on Saturday but am not making much progress. I'm busy doing necessary stuff in the computer and washing linens. The cleaning lady will come the day we are returning and if I didn't do these, I'd have six sets when I got back. Not fun.

Hope you all have a good day. I'm off to check on Mike's scan report crossing everything I can cross.

Judy in KW

P.S. Am editing in a hi to Steph who posted just when I did. Great to hear you were swimming. Think on the positive side, maybe that rude swimmer kept you from overdoing. Thanks for the heads up on the DOD. I assumed it was something for work. Don't get side-effects from compazine but I only take it at night during chemo week. Bye now.

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Judy (KW), ATT/U Verse did show up at my house as scheduled today. It took them 2 hours to change my phone and internet service from ATT to ATT/UVerse. Then they told me AOL runs slowly no matter what kind of service you have and I'd be better off using Internet Explorer.

I'd do that, but I only like aol mail and I'm not yet comfortable with my home page at Explorer. I can't get excited about changing my e-mail address either.

On the other hand, this is a lot less expensive!

I'm sorta annoyed that I did this and, since it's all that I can focus on, it is all the news I have for today's Air, too. Yes, I know I'm fortunate that this is my biggest problem.

Hope you all are having a better day.


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Hi you guys, Just got home from Fla. and a visit with my mom. (92). It's unreal, she still drives. lookout if you live near Orange City. She's doing great though and My nephew from England was there too. Haven't seen him for 31 years. He was 7 then. Not much else going on here, hasn't been alot of fun though, my best old buddy lost his wife to a heart attack. He's lost and in a fog right now. Not alot I can do, it's hard. Otherwise we're just fine and I'm still voluntreering when I can at CTCA. They saved my life you know.

We're getting things together for the holiday, even though there are so few of us left around these parts., mostly done by long distance. It would be neat for everyone to come together somehow. Doubt if that's in the cards now or ever.

It was almost 80 the day I left Fla. and got off the plane it was less than 30. So KW Judy, how is the real estate market down there? I'm honestly thinking south for someday. Not right now but in a few years if I'm still kickin, the sun looks pretty good to me. Going to Phoenix in Jan., so I'll be checking that out for sure. Been to Tuscon for a week once in April., Very hot.

Mi Judy, I hope you really don't need that surgery. It seems like such a big thing to have to do. Maybe because I didn't and I'm OK, I don't know. I guess the best is to just get rid of it fast like that if possible. Whatever happens, You have my prayer. Get better. See you all later bye for now.

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Nice to see so many posts today. So nice that Bud opened it up! It was a cold, wet, miserable day today, but no snow. If it snowed the way it rained, we would have had a foot of it.

I finished my Christmas shopping today. I can't believe how rude people are. Really? The reason for the season is not about getting ahead in line, or ripping a gift out of someone's hands. Seriously. I was very disheartened about all of it.

I decorated the tree tonight. Couldn't find a few containers of ornaments, but am not worrying about it this year. I'm tossing two boxes of old bulb ornaments that are decades old. I used to think that the more ornaments, the better. Not so much anymore. I just put up the ones that have meaning and happy memories of friends and family.

Tomorrow is laundry, and more prep for family. Tomorrow night we will go out to dinner and the Holiday POPS. So looking forward to that.

MI Judy

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