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Many of you already have CaringBridge pages! (our very own Jamie Young among so many others!)

I wanted to let LCSC members know about our new partnership with Caring Bridge formed several months ago.

We now have a partnership with them and they are on board with helping our members have personalized, LUNGevity branded blog sites as well as voiced support for our upcoming Hope Summit for lung cancer survivors.

For those intersted in starting a blog about your cancer journey, please visit this link.


For those already using CaringBridge, keep an eye out for my updates.

In several weeks Caring Bridge developers will be making us a customized "skin" so that your blog page will look just like our LUNGevity pages and branded with our logo. It will be an indirect way to let people know about LUNGevity and get the word out there. You can create a page now, or continue using your page and once the skin is created you can just go into your account and select that customized skin.

They've only done this for one other non profit- ever, so we are honored they are going to do this for us too!!

I thought long and hard before entering into a partnership with CB. There are many other patient-blog sites out there. But CB has an amazing reach, new calendar that will help keep caregivers, friends and supporters updated and able to volunteer to sign up to help, and their partnership with other amazing organizations make CaringBridge the best choice !

Happy blogging!

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