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Tuesday's AIR


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Hi friends!

I'm sure everyone is scurrying about, trying to get ready for celebration of Christmas! I was not around yesterday due to clean up of our big family to-do on Sunday. It was a great time, relaxing, and fun. After it's all over, then the clean up begins. So I got that all done yesterday.

All that is left is our "other" family celebration on Christmas day. This is very laid back. The family is not blood, but better. If you know what I mean. We've been friends forever and celebrate it with they and their children (grown now). We exchange gifts with the children and two grandma's. But it's very low key and relaxed. So I'm done preparing and I am very happy about that!

Yesterday R schedule the furnace guys to come in and put in the geo-thermal system in. It's a 2 day job. Last night I asked him to check to see if the new hot water system was installed. Well, he didn't. I wrote a note this morning asking him to check so I knew if I would have water when I woke up. He left a note saying he had hot water, so go for it! Not what I was asking.

I got up at 9:00 and go turn on the water, and all I got were sputting drops! No water. Then the guys said the heat, and electricity were going to be off for a while too!

So I packed up my computer, grabbed a bottle of water and some lunch and headed into my church to get caught up on computer stuff, and wash my face and brush my teeth! Thanks honey.

But all is well. Hope it is with all of you. I hope you don't have to feel frazzled by hustle and bustle of the season. I always say (and I've said it here repeatedly) "what's the worse that can happen" if something does not get done. The worse is usually not all that bad, so it's okay!

Judy in MI

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Good morning, Judy. Glad you were here this morning to open up the windows and let the air flow. So sorry to hear about your water problems this morning but it sounds like you're a very resourceful person, finding ways to make good use of your free time.

I'm still fighting this cold and am determined to beat it!!! I have talked to so many people that went to the doctor and were given antibiotics, only to take the entire prescription and still feel no better. I'm going to try and hang on a few more days and see if I can just get this thing to fade away gracefully. I don't like taking meds and I hate going to my doctor, as every time I go he seems to find ways to get me to spend my money on tests. Our insurance plan isn't the greatest and it all adds up quickly. If I had a serious cough or was heavily congested in my chest, I would not hesitate to call for an appointment. But this all seems to be head/ throat congestion.

I'm trying to get with the program and raise my spirits but it's being really hard. My boss, who should understand, called me in the office this morning to talk to me about my "down" attitude and that I should leave my "problems" at the door when I come in. He understands that this is a bad time of year for me but my "down" attitude affects the others in the office. I can't believe this. It's not like I talk about what happened 9 years ago. I'm just quiet and obviously distant. Oh well....guess this is something else I need to add to my resume....NO FEELINGS....HANDLES LOSS WELL.

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm working hard on getting my jolly back!!!


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Slept in the doghouse last night. Well, actually in my own bed, but M got up at 4 and didn't go back to sleep due to my coughing. He slept thru it the night before, so I didn't get up and leave. I guess he only got about 2 hours of sleep poor guy.

It's a small cold mostly waking me at night. The doc said to give it some more time and to take cough syrup (with codeine or hydrocodone) to help at night. Or just hydrocodone since I already have it in the house. Just like M said I should. Hate it when he is right.

Gray, cool - 43 and holding. Dry spell.

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Ann, I feel bad for what your boss is saying. Grief has it's own schedule, and can't be forced or changed. Hug, my friend.

Steph, if you have any kind of Robitussin DM or other DM type cough syrup, and Hydrocodone (Vicodin for me), taking both at bed time will help a lot. Or if he prescribes the cough syrup, take it! It helps a lot, and allows poor M to get some sleep. Hug to you too!

Lots of colds going around. Ann, mine was mostly head stuff but when it hit my lungs, it hit hard! I took Mucinex DM in 12 hour pill format and it helped immensely!

Judy in MI

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Evening All! Been out and about most of the day since 7 am. I'll do an update but can't wait--STABLE AGAIN! Good enough.

Sorry Stephanie and Ann that you're dealing with colds. I'm glad I got mine over with when I did. I think the cough lastest the longest, maybe a couple of weeks. Now since I'm on the road and we didn't have time to do a thorough cleaning of the RV, I'm really suffering from sinus headache. I take Zyrtec in the am and Claritin at night already and the only thing I know would help is my prescription nasal spray which I left home. Oh well, I'll live til tomorrow.

Steph, I laughed at the porcelain god remark--not funny tho huh! Stan never gets the stomach issues from food that I get even before cancer. We say he has a cast iron stomach.

Ann, what a jerk your boss was to say what he said. That makes me really sad for you. It's hard enough without criticism for feeling on top of the feeling.

Judy, so sorry about the no water. That is definitely the pits. Hope all is together and flowing hot and cold now. Enjoy your second more serene family Christmas.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Judy,Judy,Steph and Ann, I hope you all had a good day. Dec. 22 just about here! We start gaining a minute of daylight each day. :D I know its not much but it makes me feel like we turned the corner on old man winter. If Im not back in the next couple days, I just wanna wish you all a Happy Christmas. And for those of you who are in pain,fear,treatment or chemo,my prayers are with you. Your all a wonderful bunch.

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Hi you guys, Hey Ann, maybe an upside down thumbtack on his chair is in order. Sorry, I don't mean it. That's so gradeschool. Do you have any sick days or vacation to use up? Is it just OK to smack a guy? You deserve better. Eric, I'm confused. I had to look at the calender. What day is it anyway? Oh yeah, thanks Mike for reminding the 21st. All days lead to summer. Unfortunately, still talking to new patients who got guess what for christmas. Sort of takes the wind out of the sails sometimes but on we go. I'll check in later to see who turns off the light tonight.

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