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Thursday's Air


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Good morning everyone. I just wanted to pop in this morning to open the windows so "the air" could start to flow.

Today is my last day at work until Tuesday and I am thrilled to have some "Me" time, if only for a few days. I still have a lot to get accomplished before Christmas, but it will get done...as always.

Here's wishing all my LCSC friends a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY HOLIDAY to those of you that don't celebrate Christmas. I hope you all have special time with loved ones and have the opportunity to remember and celebrate the meaning of this season.


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Hi Ann and everyone else! Strange, this morning I tried to post and everytime I hit submit, it booted me back to the sign in page. I finally gave up and hoped the problem would just go away. Maybe it has!

R is off of work tomorrow and all of next week. He's going to drive me nuts! LOL. Just kidding. We do have some projects (the kind you want to get done, but never do) that I am looking foward to tackling. I want to get as much done as possible before the next medical procedure. Poor guy is going to wish he was back at work.

I'm sitting at Gilda's being the hostess with the mostess, but with nothing to do so I thought I would pop in here and say HI!

Judy in MI

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Afternoon All! Maybe 3:30 pm is heading into early evening lol. We unloaded most of the coach yesterday with Dominick's help. Got ready for the cleaning lady then more unloading today. I hit the wall earlier and just wrestled the computer away from Dominick.

Ann, I can just imagine how great it is to be off work awhile. I remember when I worked for St Leo College here, for a number of years we closed between Christmas and New Year's. I waited anxiously for that time every year. It was precious.

Judy, hope you don't work R to the bone but that you do get done things you need done. Don't get ahead of yourself now. You don't know what if any "procedure" will be imminent. I'm gathering you will have the biopsy but maybe you can be watched for a time. You know what they say, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Sounds like what you are doing.

I went on cancergrace and asked about the passing out and the continued fluctuation in bp. Not much they can offer but there are some things common to cancer patients. Not sure any of them relate to my situation. What else is new lol!!! I have an appointment with my PCP Jan 9. I decided to wait for him to come back from his holiday break. His partner there knows nothing about me or my situation.

Hope you're all ready for Christmas and relaxing like me. Dominick and I will go out for Thai for lunch tomorrow and run a few last minute errands. Stan shopped today but is still in agony for a time when he first sits or first stands. The pain just doubles him over. It's hard to watch. He has an appointment with the ortho man Dec 30. Been waiting forever.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Busy today,I was about to head out to the gym when my phone rang.Four weeks ago a reporter called Sarah Swain interviewed me for a series of articles her newspaper were about to run each evening for one week,on various topics on lung cancer.This in recognising that November was Lung Cancer Awareness month,unfortunately for whatever reason my particular contribution was'nt used and I had since forgotten all about it.

Answering the phone,its Sarah,the newspaper are picking up my interview again for some special feature.Sarah wanted some additional infro on such things as my involvement with SIGN in Edinburgh also with LUNGevity,particularly my charity walk Breathe Deep in Seattle,she said a photographer would call at my home to take some pics of me,could I also furnish with pics from my Breathe Deep walk.Needless to say I was happy to co-operate fully.Well I check out the LCSC photo album good, lots of pics of the Breathe Deep Seattle Walk.Later I hit on the idea that I could print off some of these American pics for the photographer to review,oh no printer refuses to print,the gray ink tank is empty,off to PC world then Tesco finally get the one required back home.install ink cartridge,oh no I cannot get into LUNGevity now,I cannot believe it?.I contact my broadband tech team,nice guy spends some time trying to solve the problem,takes remote control of my lap top,to no avail,moves the prob up the line to the advanced team,still unable to fix the problem,they give my LUNGevity's phone number in Chicago,which I use,its seven am but hooray the phone in manned,or womaned to be more correct,I leave her with the problem.

I now remember,I dont really need access to LCSC,I have all the material in facebook,doh,yep its all there in Help Eric-etc.

This afternoon the photographer arrives,takes quite a few pics,asks if I have any pre dx pics,particularly any where I am holding a cigar,off to the garage where I keep a big plastic box full of old pics,it is amazing for the number of pics I have,so few of them are me on my own,however,we find two,which he uses.I tell him most of my pics are in my harddrive,he asks me to e-mail him approx another six,but solo only preferably with me wearing my Breathe Deep T shirt on.Problem now is all my Breathe Deep pics I appear with others?.I dont know what to do?.

I am now off to think what I should do next,goodnight everyone.

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Thanks KatieB and Stephanie,

I did send in the Breathe Deep pics where I was taken with yourselves and Sara et al,hopefully they will use them,so you will all be famous in Scotland also.Now to try e-mailing the pic from here to the Evening Times?,I will leave until the morning,I am tired, its almost midnight zzzzzzzz.

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Good evening, everyone!

It was 42 degrees as I rode to work this morning, and 60 degrees on the ride home. But, a front has come in and it's supposed to turn chilly for the next few days.

I'm off work for the next four days. Rose and I are waiting until daughter Linda gets off work Saturday at noon, then taking her to Midland for a big family gathering. We'll be back on Sunday.

I'm going fishing tomorrow. I've had some great trips in my kayak this fall. With Lake Whitney being 17 feet low right now, the river above it that's been my great winter spot for the last few years has returned to really being a river. There's no place to launch a big boat now, and you have to navigate 4 inches of water in places to reach my crappie spot. But it's still 17 feet deep there, and the crappie are still there in great numbers. Here's a shot of my kayak, rigged and ready, and amonster crappie from last week.



In case I don't stop back by before then, Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Good Morning Bud,

Its 9.00am here on Friday,just to say I love the kayak pic,I have never seen one like it,I suppose its a recumbant kayak like your bikes?.i guess the pedals operate a propeller at the rear?.Wishing you and yours a super Christmas,hope Santa is good to you.

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