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Morning All. It's Friday for you working Joes and Janes altho I know at least Ann is already on vaca. I'm getting on before the kid gets up and commandeers the computer.

I hope Eric and Bud have time to read today because I want to tell Eric that fatigue you feel--the price of fame guy. You have certainly taken the LC advocacy arena by storm.

Bud, thanks for the pics. Just when I get feeling well enough to think about boating and fishing, Stan goes down with a bad hip. He'll still be heading to OH Jan 5th for hunting so I'm out of luck for awhile. Loved the pic of the kayak--wish one of us had the arms to do one. And the crappie is awesome.

Nothing much to say except it is so much fun having the 13-yr-old. He's a prince. He knows what his main Christmas present is but is agonizing over opening it. He even took a pic of the package and put it on FB lol. He loves to keep chatting Nonie up when she says it's time for her to go to bed and you know I just love it!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Usually I am not here much, but soemhow today I felt the need to 'connect' with my LCSC friends. Seems lately my posts have been few and I can't really say why. I guess it's because I feel I don't have very much to say. And I guess the older I am the more I feel folks would rather connect with a 'younger' crowd. That sounds like I'm feeling sorry for myself. Not really, just sort of sorry in general. Christmas this year is not coming together like in other years. Our crowd will be much smaller and our table will be missing a very important member. Though at its most we only had 18, only 9 this year seems rather sad. Our son-in-law was such an integral part of our holiday celebration. He brought fun and always had games to involve kids and adults as well. He could always eat up a storm and was one who seemed to love my candied yams the most! I miss him and some how today I just can't get past it. Once again the guilt of still being here when so many young folks are not.........well....... :cry:

Anyhow, just feels good to be able to be here and say whatever is on my mind. Not many places one can do that.

I do hope you all can make the most of the holiday season and be thankful for what you have. I certainly am ~ and tomorrow as I start to prepare the feast for just the few of us ~ I will count my blessings and all of you will be among them.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year.....whatever you celebrate!


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Hello everyone, Reading all the posts over the last several days makes me realize how exceptional all of you are. We are here and so many are not. I think we all feel that guilt from time to time. Why? Seems we all give back in our own ways. People have said to me that I'm a courageous cancer fighter. I'm not even sure what courage has to do with any of this. I'm not doing anything anybody else wouldn't do faced with the same things. It just changes everything, that's all. Our little gathering for the holiday is down to 3 of us. All 3 of us had/have to deal with cancer too. It's amazing how it strikes a family so much and other families have never had a case ever, can't imagine that in todays world. We'll set a place anyway at the head of the table for Father, grandfather, aunts and uncles,sisters and brothers. I really hope all of you have a great holiday and please forgive any trespasses on my part in the past year. I'll try to be better and I do know what you are going through. I know people say that who don't, but I do. And yes Bud, that is one humongous crappie, and I'm a fisherman too so I know how close to hold them to the camera.LOL.

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Morning friends,

Went to a party last night - a friend turned 50, the punk. He brought in food catered by a local taco truck - so much food and very good (though I ate little - it was already 7:30.) Was chatting with a stranger who asked if I was working...no, on disability...may I ask why? ... Lung cancer...turned out her Mom survived lung cancer 16 years ago and now is in treatment for uterine cancer. Dang. She and M had a nice long talk while I got up and visited with other friends.

Everyone was so pleased to see me looking so well. Nothing like spending the afternoon napping, having a hot shower, a cup of coffee, an ibuprofen, and new jacket (yes, from Sicily!) to make a girl look good! We ended up staying for almost 3 hours. Did not talk to too many strangers, but there were enough old friends that I had not seen for a few months. We go back to '85 or '86. Not bad. Oh, and one of the guests played piano, even in the dark, no music in front of him. And some of the guest went out in the freezing night and did some lawn bowling. Nice venue.

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You all got me grinning from your posts. Steph, the 50 year old punk cracked me up! Sounds like you had a lovely time.

Alan, I understand about the small family. We used to number 7, and now down to 4. But I have to share a kind of (maybe gallows humor) funny story. After my Dad died, we continued to serve sweet potatoes every holiday. And for 3 years, we served them and threw them away, before one of us realized that the only one that liked them was Dad! We did have to laugh at that.

Today I had a poignant moment. I was driving and a song from George Winston (fantastic piano player) came on the radio. It was from his album called Winter. I remember, like it was yesterday, giving this album to my Dad a couple of months before he died. I treasured watching his face relax and ease as he listened to it. The music was so beautiful and it gave me such peace seeing him enjoy it.

When it came on today, I pulled my car into an empty parking lot, and just laid back in my seat, and remembered Dad as he enjoyed the music. I did too. I need to go out and find that CD. Brought back precious memories.

Today seems to be the day for memories for me. I read the post I wrote about my little sister in my Carepage. It was the first entry I wrote. My aunt asked me to go and read it again, and her response to it. As I read it, the memories of that time flooded me, and tears just flowed. She's been gone so long. But every once in a while, I get a huge wave of grief. It washes over me and I go on, but I do miss her so much to this day.

Kasey, glad to see your post, and your thoughts. This place is for all of us of all ages. Sharing little parts of your life bring these pages to life! So glad to see you.

Alan, I laughed about your taking the picture of the fish real close too! Hah!

Judy, glad you are having a good time with your little 13 y/o prince.

I pray for all of us to allow the good memories of those gone before us to help us through these holidays.

God bless you all.

Judy in MI

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