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Christmas Day Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Its just gone 12 noon here,I cannot stay long,going to Irenes for dinner shortly.I hope you will all have a great day today and that Santa was good to you.

Friday I parked the car in the banks car park,Sally went in to the bank to do a little business,plus using my debit card take out £50 from the hole in the wall,she arrives back at the car hands me my money,and I ask her for my card back,she cannot find it,are you sure she says I didnt give it along with the money? no,so she has a further search of her jacket and handbag nothing there.We retrace her walk back to the bank,perhaps she has dropped it,no joy,maybe the card was swallowed by the machine?assistant checks,no Its not there.I now have to cancel my card,which I did,I also find out that four minutes after Sally had taken out the £50,there was another W/D of £250,the bank was extremely busy,so it seems the person standing behind Sally must hve watched her entering my pin no,and removing the card from Sallys jacket pocket.The good news is cameras are sited at this machine and it is likely we will see this person in the act of stealing my card.The police will make a formal request to the bank on Tuesday to have access to the photographs taken around 12.15pm on Friday.

Last night I went to see another performance of the Morgan Lee band in Glasgow,they were excellent,they finished up doing the Pogues New York at Christmas,their version was brill,the audience would'nt let them off the stage until they did a couple of encores.They came over and sat with me after packing away all their gear,they gave me a Christmas Card,signed by all the band,I was so touched by their kindness,the card will stay pinned up on my study wall for keeps,thats not all,Ann the voillinist,has invited me to a music night at her home on the 21st january,there will be approx 80 musicians there all jamming,she also suggested I should bring my guitar with me,gosh I am really not that good competing with the quality of these guys,but I am so looking forward to this night.

Got to go,shower get dressed and off to Irene's for dinner in the evening,we are all going to my youngest sister's Linda's house for a party,all the usual suspects are going,Jennifer and Chris are giving it a miss,they want to spent tonight in their own company,funnily two years ago on this very occassion I asked Jennifer to come to this family gathering,she only came most reluctantly,and that was where she met Chris,they've been to-gether ever since. Merry Christmas everyone,see you soon Bye.

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