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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Can tell the first holiday is over anyway. I'm on the Air bright and early. Stan's already been to town to the grocery so Dominick and I can mark that off our list. YEAH!

I got a little mad at Stan last night. I know he's been feeling badly with his hip but he gets plenty of help and sympathy. Yesterday he said it was a lot better and he and Dominick went to town for an errand Stan wanted to run. At great energy cost to me, I did some big laundry loads that included his, got all the side dishes ready for dinner and did all the clean up except the pan he cooked the fish in and he was still moody. He even got to take a nap! Guess I did it appropriately because he decided to finally get up and give me the haircut he's been promising and was more pleasant the rest of the evening. I've really been looking ratty below the ball cap and he's pretty good. The lady at the barbershop scalped me a few months ago. He say's when he combs it there are no bald spots but a little shift with a hand or wind does, I know lol. Wendy gave me an adorable hat for Christmas. Dominick will try to get a decent pic of me today to put online. Not easy these days.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Ah Judy, you look adorable in hats, so can't wait to see the new one.

The PFT was not bad! I think that Attilla the Honey must have performed the last one! The technician today was super sweet, didn't rush me, let me have lots of breaks in between procedures, and it went quite well! I have no idea if the results are as well as that, but we shall hear soon enough.

The pulmonary doctor was super. He showed me the CT scan from four years ago, and what is going on today. Wow, that tumor four years ago was a nasty one, with arms sticking out. And now I know why they recommended chemo, one of the tentacles definitely was touching the chest wall.

But the two little guys look pretty harmless when compared to the original tumor. I am not even sure how they even saw them they are so little. The quandry is this: 1. Can it be biopsied? The radiologist is concerned that he may not be able to get to it. 2. Should they remove the lobe or a partial part of the lobe. The surgeon is not anxious to do that considering my young (smile) age, and possible implications should more cancer return. 3. Should they just watch it again? The Oncologist is concerned about the large amount of CT scans I've had. He's worried that if we continue to watch and scan every 2 to 3 months, that the scans themself will give me cancer.

4. Can my lung capacity handle surgery? I'll know that after today.

So the four doctors are meeting and going to call and make recommendations. The nurse indicated that if they biopsied, it would be Friday. I asked about complications, and she said it was possibly the lung could collapse, and I'd need to be in the hospital for a couple of days. I asked if we could move the biopsy to Monday then? She said yes, but wondered why. I explained that weekends and holidays are staffed with minimal crews, and that I would prefer to wait after the holiday weekend.

So I am waiting for the phone to ring. I'm okay. It is what it is.

Judy in MI

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Good job Judy on the test and setting up the possible biopsy to suit your preference.

Am I going to miss this boy who is leaving tomorrow! We went to town, got Starbuck's in the Marriot's lobby and lunch from their tiki bar. Sat forever chatting, then to Ross's to get him an Asian bowl for our house here. Next stop Office Max and a quick duck into the Dollar Store for a BDay card. On the way home, we stopped at a quaint little bridge on our road where he wanted to take pics with the new Canon camera his mother bought him for Christmas. What a great day! He is just a joy to be with.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Happy Tuesday, Judy, Judy and Randy! It sounds like everyone survived Christmas and all of the hustle and bustle associated with the day! KWJudy...can't wait to see the pic of you wearing your new hat! I know you look adorable and you couldn't have selected a better photographer.

Judy in Mi...saying prayers that when the phone rings, the news will be good.

I am so grateful to be finally feeling a bit better today. I still have some sinus congestion but am feeling much better. Sunday marked the two week point for this cold of mine and I am more than ready for it to move on!!! Hubby has been sick for a week with the same thing but he seems to have more coughing than I did. But, yesterday we were both feeling better. On Friday, we were seriously considering calling the kids and telling them they were going to have to make other arrangements for Christmas dinner, as we were both too sick to cook, much less do all the needed cleaning and tidying up. But.. I did a lot of praying and we somehow managed to pull off a great family dinner.

I, for one, believe I am more than ready for a brand new year!!!


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