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Morning All! Glad so many of us had a happy and healthy holiday. Thinking of you Katie with the shingles though. Hope they give better pain meds now than they did years ago when I had them.

Stan's mourning the new rooster that moved into the neighborhod for a few days. He didn't show up today. The first day it was in our tree. If some of you don't know, KW has roaming chickens that cause quite a controversy from time to time. You have the love the chickens group and the hate the chickens group. Frankly I love them for the baby chicks. Makes my day when I come across a brood in town. Funny but we have few of them out of town and this is the first we've heard in the neighborhood. Stan's a love the chicken guy but I'm sure there are haters when he crows at 5 in the morning lol.

It's a work day for me today so I'm off into the office a few feet behind me lol. Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Happy New everyone !!!

We had a great Friday and Saturday night but yesterday I felt terrible and spent the first day of 2012 in bed. I kept feeling like my creeping-crud-cold was coming back yesterday, but today I feel fine...just a little draggy.

So sorry to hear that you have the shingles, Katie. I had the same thing a few years ago and was very lucky that I got to the doctor in time to get meds in my system before things got really bad. Hope you have the same luck with getting better and having little pain.

So sorry to hear about your rooster, KW Judy. Maybe you'll have to find another one for Stan as a New Year's gift!!!

Hope everyone has a great day.

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I would definitely be in the chicken lovers group Judy! I have only been to the Carribean once, but I LOVED that where ever you went there were chickens walking around. Of course I love the pigeons in NYC too!

My kids all left last night - the house seems very quiet and empty. I plan on doing nothing today. I am pretty worn out from going non stop since October and having my kids home for a week and a half. Plus - I have not been sleeping well. I have been waking up several times in the night with pain in my bones. Mostly my hips and thighs, shoulders hands and feet also (haha - just about everywhere!) My scans all came back good, so my APRN and I are thinking it could be a side effect of something? (Avastin, Zometa?) Or, I am thinking it is just that I have been pushing myself to the limit and not drinking enough water. Anyone else ever have this problem? (if it keeps up I am going to be tested for Lyme Disease, since I live one town over from Lyme, CT where the disease was discovered it is always a possibility!)

So, I think I will sit down with a new book, my new ipad!, and a hot cup of coffee and call it a day well spent!

I hope you all have days well spent also!

peace - Janet

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It's the 2nd day of this brand new year! Awesome. It's very cold and blustery here, but the sun is shining in spite of a Winter Storm warning. It was supposed to drop 8 inches on us yesterday, but we only got a couple. It's not snowing at all now, but they claim 8 more inches are coming. Weather predictors! I should have gone into that business when I was young. LOL

Looks like everyone had nice New Year celebrations. We did too. Yesterday a buddy came over and filled little dents and holes in the walls with R. They sanded them and painted over them and our walls look brand new! It's very cool. I thought the re-do would be expensive and long, but it wasn't at all. All we had to pay for was me making dinner for him and his wife last night.

I went all out and made chicken and dumplings, with home made gravy, and fresh canned corn. Yum. We all ate until our bellies ached. Then we played a couple of games of Taboo which was huge fun.

Judy, the fishing sounds so fun! You fish with squid for bait! Wow. We don't have that kind of fishing around here, but it sounds awesome.

Ann, hope you get to feeling better. Katie too! Shingles are not fun. Hope the pain medications make you at least not care as much that you have them.

Judy, the chicken thing is funny. I'm not sure how happy I'd be to hear Mr. Rooster crowing at 5:00AM. However, we were fascinated when we were in Hawaii. They are sacred animals over there, and they are everywhere, like Robins would be here. Everywhere we went we could hear them and it was so strange! We do have a little bit of what we call "free range" chickens on farms, but you don't see them often.

R is off getting new 2012 calendars for the house, a new white board for writing notes in the kitchen to each other, and replenishing paint supplies for our friend. I'm going to make a fried egg sandwich, and turn on the tube for some college football bowl games. Nice.

Judy in MI

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Cold but sunny here. I'm trying to catch up on all the laundry left over from the company. I didn't even know I had that many sheets and towels. The dogs are sure happy the company is all gone and they have their place of honor back in front of the fireplace. Husband is getting ready for the football games - has to find his "quacker". Nothing like a bunch of grown men "quacking" in the family room all afternoon -- I'm taking my glass of wine and ear plugs to the other end of the house.

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