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Thursday's air


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I missed such a long, wonderful and needy air yesterday I was a bit preoccupied. I'm typing this from my iPhone so pardon any pesky "auto corrects".

I am residing at a two bed hospital room as we speak. It's about 1;30am and can't sleep so thought I'd pop in while I wait for the morphine to kick in. Yesterday ranks right up there as one of the most excruciating pain days of my 57 year old life. Went in for the needle biopsy. Good news: they were able to get a tissue sample. Bad news: they poked a hole in my lung and it collapsed. OMG is all I can say about the pain. They began the battle with Fentanyl. That wore off quickly so 2mg of morphine. To no avail. Another 2mf of morphine plus zofran and a very strong anti-inflammatory and I wasn't climbing the walls.

It took 7 hours of experimenting and they got a pain cocktail that worked. I have heart monitor on, oxygen, leg compression tubes and I V. Hard to believe I walked in under my own steam and now can't walk to the b- room without help. The lady in the other bed has bone cancer with mets to her kidneys. She is dying based on the conversations I've heard her have with her family. Sad.

Anyway I'll be here a couple more days. We'll get results by then too. ( we hope).

As for Angry birds? I LOVE that game. It's addicting and fun.

I'll respond later to all the posts. Hard to do that when reading from the phone. R brought my lap top in but was too ill yesterday to get on it. Hoping to get sleep now and have a better day today.

MI judy.

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Hi Judy,

I am sorry to hear of your experience in hospital,I am wishing you all the best for good test results as compensation for all the pain and discomfort you have suffered having these tests done.

Hope the next couple of days fly by for you,keep us posted.

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Ah, this is better, posting from my lap top rather than the phone. Got disappointing new that I won't be going home today. The machine that measures my output shows that the whole is still here and bubbling. I do have an in-patient nurse facilitator that stopped by today. I asked if she could try to escalate my request for a private room.

This room is so very tiny, and no place for R to relax. I'm crammed in here and feel like a sardine. If they can't, they can't, I understand.

Pain is getting better. Just downed my morphine to 2 mg. I have that every four hours and a Torodol chaser once every 8 hours and it's tolerable not. Had to step down on the morphine, it was making me groggy. LOL at Steph! I was pretty high yesterday, and needed to be with the pain I was in.

I guess the Multi-function team want to meet with me today to talk about next steps. So? The fod is ghastly. They have me on a heart healthy diet. If this is what you have to eat to be heart healthy, phooey on that. I want salt and flavor. Think R will have to bring in dinner for me.

Do I sound like a whiney complainer? Maybe just a bit. The roomie has pneumonia bad, and coughs constantly. Yesterday she had a room full of visitors which didn't allow for sleep either.

Anyway, it'll be fine. I asked for sleeping medication for tonight just in case I can't get a private room.

I'll probably be back later. Not much to do in this joint. They do not want me to get up and walk until the puncture hole heals.

Judy in MI Hospital

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Judy - so sorry about having your lung poked during the biopsy and having to hang out in the hospital. We have two hospitals - one has ALL private rooms, and the other does not. You can guess which one I make sure they send me to. Even then my nextdoor neighbor had pneumonia and couged horribly. I felt terrible for him - and guilty for being annoyed, but it can get to you after awhile.

Stephanie's right - you've retained your sense of humor (very important) - and hopefully will be in a private room tonight and home tomorrow.

Thinking of you.

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Hurry up and walk out of there, Judy. I hope you're feeling better now and I also hope you are able to land a private room before tonight. At best, it's hard to get a good night's sleep in unfamiliar surroundings and it doesn't sound like the room conditions are anywhere near being good. Glad you have our laptop so that you can keep us posted on your progress.

It's a beautiful day here today. We made it into the 60's and the sun is shining and there is a most beautiful blue sky. I have to admit that I have been enjoying the cooler weather. I think the urge to cuddle and nest just gets stronger when the weather is cold outside. It's just one of those things that plays tricks on your mind, but I have been loving it. Last night the dogs were all cuddled up in their blankets and the cats were curled around me on the sofa. The little dog, Harley, has his own little Snuggie. So cute....I'll have to share pictures.

So...hope everyone has a nice evening. I'll be remembering our Judy in our prayers....actually both of you!!!


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Evening All! What a treat to get done my chemo by 2 this afternoon. It's usually 3 or 4 and I go in at 9 am. Stan's gone and Ann, I'm snuggling by my space heater lol. Knew you'd be loving it. We don't expect to get out of the 70s for ten days at least. One day high 79, most lower. It will be nice wearing some of my warmer clothes.

Judy, what a time you are having! I hope things turn around for you ASAP, first getting that private room. I don't like private rooms for my chemo. Had one for awhile at MDA (in a chair) and get one most of the time at this Key West hospital in a bed in a regular room. But I don't have to sleep there. I just miss having someone to talk to. Hope you are walking out of there soon.

I slept well last night even though I got up at 5:30 am. I'd had a late am and a 7 pm steroids so I did good going to bed around 9:30. Two pills again today and a bag of the stuff--don't expect much tonight.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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MI Judy, what an awful experience! I'm so sorry. FYI, what's the matter with being groggy when you're in a hospital and can't get out of bed, anyway? I hope you're in a private room by now and are out of there tomorrow! Keep us posted.

Judy, KW, glad you finished chemo early, but if Stan is gone, how are you getting home? I hope the next few days are ok for you.


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