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Morning All! Mike, glad to see you turned off the lights last night. Sun's up and I get to open the window and let in the Air as Ann would say.

Got a bare 6 hrs split sleep last night but am not complaining. It will get me through what I plan on being an easy day. In town for shot at 2 pm and a trip to the bank. Going to keep it slow and easy because I'm going to the flea market tomorrow (early I expect) with a friend. A real treat since I've hardly gone the past few years and need some reading glasses I get there.

BTW Muriel, I drive myself back and forth to the hospital. It's only a 10-15 minute drive and the bag of benedryl doesn't seem to affect my concentration. Mostly all straight road home.

Hope to see you all here again today. It's been fun!

Judy in KW

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Sorry I missed you all yesterday - I hope you are feeling better this morning MI Judy!

I went into Brooklyn yesterday. Some of you know that I have a good friend who used to live in town and we raised our 3 kids together - always having playdates and family dinners etc. Well, she divorced and met someone new and now has a 4 1/2 year old little boy who has become the love of my life. When I got cancer I prayed to God to let me see grandkids, I think Shea is the answer to that prayer! - Anyway - up early, long drive into the city, full day playing like a 4 year old, long drive home - I slept from 12:00 to 11:30!

Nothing much planned here today. In a minute I have to run over to church to fold the Sunday bulletins and then I think I will start taking down the Christmas decorations - always such a big job - someone here called it "dedecorating" I love that!

A little jealous of the flea market Judy - I love a good flea market!

peace everyone - Janet

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Judy...I love a good flea market!!! I like to find ones where people bring in things from their homes and sell them. The one we have here in Melbourne used to be like that but now it seems that all the vendors have the same things....all overpriced and made somewhere other than the USA. I have heard there are a lot of good flea markets left in S Florida, so maybe that includes you, since you're as far south as one can go.

Janet...I love that term ...dedecorating. I hate dedecorating. It's much more fun to decorate than to dedecorate. As a matter of fact, my Christmas tree is still up[ and I plan on dedecorating it this weekend and getting it all put away. I don't have a lot of other Christmas stuff to put away, as we were both too sick to do much decorating this year. So, I have finally found something good about having the cold.

No big plans here for the weekend. I do have to speak at an Auxiliary dinner tomorrow night but that's all that I HAVE to do. I think we may go to a movie tonight, Hubby has been wanting to see war Horse, so that will probably be what we see. At the top of my list is J. Edgar, but I will be nice and be happy with War Horse. Someone told me there are some very dark and sad parts to the movie, so I'm hoping it's not too bad!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I know there will also be a lot of football at my house this weekend. I really don't mind, as that gives me a chance to be on the computer playing Words with Friends...lol!

Also...hope our Judy is feeling better today. I was hoping to log on and find lots of good news about her today!


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Hi ladies! Well I wish had good news but i don't. I did get a private room that is positioned over these gigantic fans for the whole hospital. They gave me an Ambien last night to sleep,and it did help but gave me huge nightmares.

The pain is not better, and they may not send me home this weekend. We are to have a discussion with the surgeon today about whether to take the lobe no matter what. We know it's cancer, and we know it has to come out. It does not want to heal from the biopsy.

I hate to be whiney, but I'm tired of all of this. I'm tired of the pain, tired of the doctor's tip toeing around the issues. I fell asleep this afternoon into a very deep sleep and dreamed that all of what is going on was a dream.

I wish that was true.

Judy in MI

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Good evening, everyone!

I was off for the holiday on Monday, but rode to work the next four days. The weather was dry all week, but there was a wide range of temperatures. It was 26 degrees as I rode to work Tuesday morning, and 73 degrees as I rode home today.

Sorry to read of your biopsy troubles, MI Judy. I hope you're better soon and home soon. Needles and lungs just never did sound like a very good mix to me. :shock:

I'm going to take my kayak to Lake Benbrook tomorrow morning, then Rose and I are supposed to go out to a club tomorrow night, so I'll likely just say home and zombie out on Sunday.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Well it is probably already tomorrow for most of you. I'm usually not up and on the computer this late, but it has started to make an awful noise that I'm sure is not a good sign. I have procrastinated about backing up the business files for way too long -- so am doing that now.

JudyMI - am so sorry that you are having to deal with this now. Glad you got a private room tho - I am keeping you in my prayers.

Have procrastinated all week about doing almost everything I was supposed to -- I really need to buckle down and get all of this stuff done next week or I will really be in trouble. Instead of working decided to go to the movies this afternoon - saw War Horse - a little sad but a good story. Our movie theatre is hard for me to navigate -- lots of walking into the theatre and then very steep stairs up to the seats. Stephanie -- I loved the movie theatres we went to in Seattle, especially the one downtown in the high rise (can't remember the name - something like Park Place?), with the Tiffany's on the ground floor and all the other levels of great shops (all too expensive for me, but such fun to look!).

Have a good weekend everyone - and JudyMI I hope they can get your pain taken care of and you are able to go home.

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