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An Update to the Update


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Hey everyone :)

I'm back again with an update to the update. I had an appt the 13th of Dec, just to talk with my oncologist. Got there early and did labs. Got to see him first for a change. They have decided that I may have multiple myeloma, which is a nasty blood cancer that nothing works on. The lytic lesions on my skull can be a symptom of that. It causes your body to make to many platelets in turn that causes the bone lesions and also screw up the red cells so you end up getting too little oxygen so your organs fail. Oh joy of joys. Then I found out they were supposed to take full body x-rays and do additional blood work. I put of the x-rays Until this month and did the blood work before we left.

One good thing about making this move was since I have been here, I have had no migraines..knock on wood so they don't kick in again(got my fingers crossed there) as the last one I had ended me up in the hospital again with every one thinking I had a stroke cause I could not talk and had amnesia. I do not remember anything that happened from Early the in the morning on Monday when I took my last chemo pills till Friday when I was getting ready to leave the hospital. Talk about scarey!

Anyway. I have an appt. the 13th. to get x-rays, labs, and see the oncologist. Sorry it took me so long to update on the ever changing world that is the soap opera of my life ,but, it was the holiday season and I didn't want to be more bummed out than I already was.

I'll check back in after next Friday's appt.

Love You All, See you in the funny pages!



P.S. Becky and Randy have kept me smiling and chuckling, on FaceBook,so my mood has been a lot better of late, Keep it up guys as I am sure you have others giggling as well!![ :lol: /color]

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Just to let you know, a friend of mine has multiple myeloma and has for 10 years. She just got back from a trip and is about to head out for another soon. Sometimes her treatment is rough (especially after 10 years of it!) but in between she runs away and has fun - like swimming in Baja or yoga on the beach. It might not be curable, but it is definitely treatable as a chronic condition. Hope they are wrong about that anyway. Keep on smiling.

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Dawn, sorry you have to deal with all this. That episode you describe sounds terrifying. No more of those I hope. Hope in Stephanie's description of her friend's experience. Wishing a relatively comfortable life for you too. I need to get back on FB. I miss Becky's funnies. She makes me laugh so much.

Will look forward to your update after your next appointment.

Judy in KW

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