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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Made the decision to go out to dinner with neighbors last night. A little chilly at "John's," but the tree canopy, a nearly full moon and his colorful exotic birds was just the thing to raise my spirits. Am feeling much better today but instead of what I would normally do, racing around doing stuff while I'm feeling good, I'm going to take it easy again today. Two doctors appointments tomorrow and Tuesday will be fine to get started on the tax package. Got the accountant's "expectant" email this morning lol.

My neighbor who was at dinner last night is supposed to stop by today with the movie "The Help." I read the book and am not always thrilled with a movie when I've read a book but will give it a try. It got such great reviews. Nice way to wrap up the weekend.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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I read The Help before seeing the movie and was surprised at how some characters were portrayed in the movie. Not quite as I had expected. I loved the book and liked the movie. The "ick" factor is greater in the movie - but maybe that's because I skip over stuff that is too icky.

I hope you enjoy the movie.

I'm learning how to use my new computer. It's an "all-in-one." It takes a while to get all the settings the way we want them. And, no big surprise, my old printer just isn't compatible with the new computer. That's ok, I wanted a wireless printer anyway.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and the MI Judy's situation improves. You lost me in the "quality vs quantity" discussion. It seems to me that surgery would favor both.


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Hi Muriel, good to see you. Don't know what an all-in-one computer is but I love new electronic toys lol. The computer I got last year with windows 7 doesn't want to share unless both computers have 7. Stinks. I want a wireless printer too.

My neighbor who is notorious for saying she'll do things she never does didn't deliver on the movie. Watched a so-so movie I'd taped. Got bored after that and decided to organize my BR closet a little. That was always my escape when Stan traveled. Of course I made it a major job project then but keep it simple now. Too much up and down on the ladder.

Off to watch the TV again and rest up for the doctors day tomorrow.

Judy in KW

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