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Tuesday A.I.R.


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Good morning,

Today should be a pivotal day here at Butterworth Hospital. The lung is healing, but still has a hole in it that won't go away, so the decision to stay or not is no longer an option. Now watch, just as I say that, they will come in and say go home! LOL. Not going to happen.

I have a nice routine down now. They bring me my thyroid med at 6:00 and take vitals. I have a window of about an hour to wake up, get into the bathroom to sponge bathe and clean up before the insane busy times begin. I don't need an hour, so once done with that, I can come here and relax on line before my sumptuous hospital breakfast comes.

Then the troops begin to arrive and continue through out the day.

I got two surprise visitors yesterday! They both work downtown, and just popped in unexpectedly. They stayed the polite amount of time, and it was a nice diversion!

Not much to talk about these days beyond the four walls of this tiny room. Soon, I imagine I'll be transferred to the heart center to have surgery. I'll be back here before that I am sure. Until then?

Have a good one.

Judy in MI

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Morning All! It's almost 10 am and I've been watching TV, feeding myself, doing some clean-up on a mess my neighbor and I had occur when a shelf fell out of a little porch fridge. We did the worst of it but I left the rest for today. Anything to put off taxes lo. But when I'm done here, I am going to dig in.

Judy, you sound like a VIP in that hospital! I'd just stay awhile lol. I don't remember insanely busy times whith hordes of doctors coming in and out when I was at MDA. You must be presenting them with an extraordinarily unique medical case.

O.k., I need to vent. My husband and I have had two businesses some years apart. We've always run small, commonsense businesses that give the best value to the customer. Now the parent company of a vendor of our current company has partnered with some pretentious "primary contractor information management system." According to the literature, if you don't go online and register and pay a yet undisclosed fee, you can't do work for the company. I caved and found out you not only are asked who sent you to the site but to list all the clients you serve! Excuse me--a sales list they can work from to expand their base???? It's mute anyway, we are ineligible because we don't have two direct lines--primary and back up. We recently let our landline go and use only cells as many companies now do. This is definitely discrimination against small business. I'm talking to myself--don't go off on a rant and cut off your nose to spite your face (as I was wont to do when I was younger), but who do you complain to about things like this?

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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MI Judy...I can tell by the tone of your "typing voice" that you're feeling much better today and that's very good to know. I had a better night's sleep last night and didn't have any more of those "chapter" dreams...lol. I am glad to know that someone else knows what I'm talking about with those and yes, we'll have to swap dreams as soon as you're feeling better and have a slow day!

KW Judy...good luck with buckling down and getting the taxes done. I can tell that you hate that as much as I do!!! But...maybe we'll find it inside ourselves to make it a fun thing??? Sorry.....that was a really stupid idea. I don't even think taxes would be fun after a few glasses of really good wine. But...we could get together and have the wine and then see how we feel about it!!!

Absolutely nothing going on here today. It's just one of those blah days when you seem to get nothing done. Hubby has been having a lot of severe back pain. Tests showed arthritis, so primary doctor sent him to a pain management specialist. Hubby has to wait almost two months on an appointment. Then, when he finally got there today, there was no pain. The doctor even tried to trigger the pain with no luck. So, he left with this ...."call us and make an appointment if the pain returns." LOL


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Hi everyone Lillian here again. I thought I would just pop in for a minute and check on everyone. Judy MI glad that you are feeling better. I hope that soon that hole in you lung will heal and you can take care of the rest of your problem.

I am still enjoying my time in Louisiana and still on baby watch. I expect to hear any minute that she is at the hospital. She was well on her way into labor a few minutes ago. I just can't imagine that she won't go today.

My nieces daughter wants me to have her yarn. Jacci was always buying yarn to make another afghan or baby blanket so I am sure there is a lot of it. Kind of threw me at first, reality sinking in. I am sure when I get back to her house in a few weeks it will really hit me hard.

Ann we just seem so intuned all of the time. Night before last I had a dream that I wanted to keep dreaming. In the dream I was with Johnny and he looked so good, it was not in our really young days but we were both much younger. I woke to go to the bathroom and was wanting to continue the dream and believe it or not I did. That was really great. Remember a few years ago when I told you that I had that dream where I was thinking that if I just found his old phone number and called it that I would find him? Well in this dream that is what happened. That is the first dream of him in a while and I felt so good after I woke up.

Well I have to run for now and see what is happening with Bridget. I think I am as nervous as she is so please keep us in your prayers. Love and prayers to all of you. I will post again soon. I am enjoying all of the seafood and other thing s that I don't get often and so far have not gained any extra weight. Boy do I need to lose some of what I already have! lol

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MI Judy - sounds like you are being well taken care of. I hope they get your surgery scheduled soon so you can get on track to go home.

KW Judy & Ann - if you're having a tax procrastination party, count me in! I decided I couldn't tackle the taxes until the garage was cleaned out and organized . . . that should really buy me some time :) Judy, I know how you feel - my husband and I run a small construction business and, years ago, used to be fun -- not any more. Our biggest problems are with all of the city, county, and state regulations that have been changed -- all of them different of course -- and instead of paperwork getting smaller, we are drowning in it - as well as all sorts of new fees.

Lily, I hope the baby is on the way and Mom and baby are well. Nothing quite like a new baby!

Happy Tuesday!

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