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Complexities of Managing Lung Cancer in the Elderly: Webinar

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Guest LCSC Info

Complexities of Managing Lung Cancer in the Elderly: Webinar & Q/A with Dr. Lilenbaum Available as Podcasts

http://blog.lungevity.org/2011/10/15/co ... -podcasts/

October 15th, 2011 - by Dr. Jack West

A few weeks ago, Dr. Rogerio Lilenbaum, a medical oncologist, lung cancer expert, and Chairman at Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston, joined us for a webinar. Though highly respected throughout the field of lung cancer, his particular expertise and leadership has been in the field of managing elderly and frail patients with lung cancer. Bear in mind that with the median age a newly diagnosed patient with lung cancer now about 71, this isn’t some narrow sliver of the lung cancer population.

Click on the blog link above to find his talk in audio and video podcast form, along with the figures and transcript for the program.

His presentation includes a general perspective on principles of treating elderly patients and how we should be making recommendations, along with a summary of the evidence on chemotherapy for patients with resected early stage NSCLC, locally advanced NSCLC, and advanced/metastatic disease. It’s a great overview of a big topic, and I hope it’s very helpful.

It was then followed by a Q&A session with several follow up questions by me and the live audience.

The links can be found at the blog link above - the audio and transcript (no real video/figures).

I hope this is a helpful program for many of you.

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