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CimaVax-EGF - Anyone tried this route?


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I'm sure you've heard about it by now, (in case you haven't: LINK). Has anyone tries going this route?

With our recent news, I'm looking into the possibility of flying with my mom to Cuba to get the vaccine, depending on what the doctors come back with next week.

UPDATE: After looking at more of the research documents, it turns out it's for late-stage NSCLC patients. I'll try to get a hold of someone at the Canadian clinics who are trialing this or similar treatments this week.

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I have heard about this one before actually! Had done a little research but not much available because of trade Embargo with Cuba!!

As for traveling to another country for some thing like this, please consider the health risks associated with it.

I believe it was Martin Luther Kings Mom who died in Cancer clinic in Mexico couple of years ago due to unforeseen circumstances!!!

As of right now this is not available in the US! reasons why I do not know. HOWEVER!!! as of about November of 2011 I have heard it is being run as a clinical trial in BRITAIN!! We do have a member over in Scotland who might be able to look into that !! or tell us how to look into it also!!

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If your searching for a U.S. Clinical trial use this site!


They can tell you all the info you need fro any trial being conducted or recruiting in the United States!!!

requirements to locations!! this is a gold mine!

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Thanks for the link. The Canadian Cancer Society personi talked to yesterday sent me there as well.

Found a few potential trials, so now we'll see what happens. I find that while our doctors are helping us, it just doesn't seem like enough. I emailed a couple of contacts I found on the trials site directly as well.

It seems like the only person really pushing for you.. Is you.

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for european clinical trials


The primary intent of this website is the communication of clinical cancer research with oncologists and health professionals in the field, but it is recognized that the information presented here might also be of interest to patients, charities, funding organizations and the general public.

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thank you for that link I almost accidentally banned you cause I have got 2 spammers already in last 5 minutes here posting. Had to check and see who it was .

that info can be beneficial to our European friends who join also!! I never knew about that link.

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