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Thursday's Air


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Morning All! What a chatty Air we have lately--terrific. Looks like a little overcast again today. Isn't stopping the snowbirds though. We have quite a few new ones renting on our canal this year. It's great fun watching them fishing on the docks, hanging out having cocktails while I work--NOT LOL.

Ann, I'll tell you what my husband told me when things were getting difficult for me at a previous job--don't let them push you out. Leave on your own terms when you are ready. I did and it worked out well for me. As for the out-of-control company when we first moved it. It just involved me telling Stan--STOP INVITING EVERYONE AND HIS BROTHER!

Randy--LOL at the "thong" remark.

Judy, wouldn't that be nice if you did get to go home for a little. That is, unless you prefer to stay and get it over with. Sounds like a 50/50 kind of situation.

Hope Tom and Tee come back online to get my restaurant recommendations. We have some great restaurants here and I'm sure I haven't hit them all. But talking to people on the street often brings great results too--there is a Cuban restaurant on Catherine I think that locals and snowbirds love. Cuban is not my favorite food but they have a great garlic roasted chicken dish.

I have a very sore muscle that showed itself last night behind my right shoulder. I've thrown Arthritis strength Tylenol, ice and heat at it and it's still hurting. Am going in the office and try distraction. Can't call Maggie, she's leaving town today for 3 days. Sigh.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning everyone. I will try and read to catch up then post more tomorrow. For those who haven't seen it on facebook my new great granddaughter McKenna Grace was born yesterday afternoon at 2:20 central time. I shared some pictures that my granddaughter took with her phone or had someone take. I don't know how to put them here so if anyone wants to see her just go to my facebook page. I hope all are well. I will be in touch again soon. Lillian

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Hi all, I started a post, then got distracted by doctors, and came back and the server at the hospital logged me off. So I'll try to do a little update before more folks come in and ask me to breathe, etc.

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Don't have a time yet. Typically in the Heart Center, they treat serious heart issues first (makes sense) before doing lung surgeries. It's likely I'll be fit in between somewhere. I'll be off line then. R won't be updating because he will have his hands full. Looks like I'll go into ICU due to the complications I've had for the last 11 days.

So! R will update my Carepage for me. So I'll put it out here for you again. It's http://www.carepages.com It's easy to create your "account". Simply put in your email and a password, and then go to search. Type in joppette, all lower case. It will bring you to a page, and you'll need to scroll down and look at the bottom for my page. You will click on joppette, and it will bring you to me. Once you write a note to me, it remembers you and will send you an email when an update has been written about me.

Thank you all for all of the well wishes, support, love, and prayers. To say I'm not worried would be a lie. When the surgeon explained the complication possibilites last night due to the lung not repairing itself, the tube in it, the infection possibilities, it did frighten me. I'll do my best, with prayer and support to face this head on, and get it done and over with and start my new life. It will be a different life on oxygen, but I'll learn how to adapt for sure. And who know? Maybe I'll only need the oxygen for a few months and can be weaned off of it. That is my hope.

Things are crazy here today as we prepare. Packing up everything because technically I won't have a room tomorrow. You can't bring your stuff to ICU. They told me to take the flowers home, but we're going to donate them to other patients that haven't received flowers.

So, I'll try to get back today, but if not, I'll see you on the other side of this surgery. It's likely to be a couple of weeks.

Take care,

MI Judy

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Well, I did this once, but the post is lost somewhere in Ipad land so I will try again!

Good afternoon everyone!

MI Judy - you are in my prayers that everything goes smoothly and that you are back in your own home soon! I will be signing up for your carepage so that I can check in for updates to see how you are doing. I love the idea of giving your flowers to patients who have none - what a sweetheart you are!

Lily - I am going to send you a Facebook friend request so I can see the pictures of the new baby - how exciting!

Judy in KW - I totally understand your comment about the "snowbirds" vacationing while you are still living in the real world. We live on the CT shoreline and our town doubles in size in the summer with all the summer homes and rental cottages. The people directly behind us are summer people and they party well into the night, including loud music and fireworks, all summer long. I get all settled into my garden with a good book - and the party starts :? Speaking of it being a "summer town", Katherine Hepburn lived here her whole life, and the rumor was going around that the Obamas were going to buy her home for their summer place. Some people (me included) were thrilled with the idea, others very unhappy about it. I have a feeling it would have made for some interesting arguments around town, but, according to the White House, it was just that, a rumor. My husband thinks it was started by the real estate agent to get lots of free publicity for the sale - I think he may be right!

It is a cold rainy day here. I am supossed to be cleaning but mostly have just been playing Angry Birds. Not good! I did put a pork roast in the crock pot, so at least dinner is started.

Ann, I hope you got all your "thongs" done!

Everyone have a great day -

peace - Janet

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Good afternoon, everyone!

It was 32 degrees with a 30 mph north wind as I rode to work this morning. My ride in is just over 12 miles straight north, so this morning's ride was one of the tougher commutes I've done in a while. It took me over an hour to get to work. It's looking like it won't even make 40 degrees this afternoon, and the wind is gusting close to 40 mph now, but at least it will be a tailwind for the ride home.

Ann, I know exactly what you mean about a tough job situation that you aren't ready to leave. I've been determined to get myself out of mine for a couple of years now. Present plans are to finally leave in August and go back to school.

MI Judy, best wishes for successful surgery and a strong recovery. I had sure hoped your hospital journey wouldn't be this tough, but I guess there's nothing to do now but get through it as strong as you can.

I have two appointments for my hurting left shoulder next week. My doctor thinks it's bursitis. That's not much fun, but like always, most diagnoses seem pretty minor after a lung cancer diagnosis.

My Wednesday appointment is to start physical therapy on it which I hope will help. Friday is for an MRI with contrast to make sure it's not more than bursitis. It's my left shoulder, just above where my cancerous upper left lung was removed, so the thought that it's bone mets won't be completely out of my mind until it's better. I'm sure everyone here understands that post cancer angst.

Have a great day, all!

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Remain calm...remain calm....remain calm....remain calm....

The surgeon never showed for a pre-surgery consult. No instructions were left for meds, liquids, or food. I asked for Motrin at 7:00 and they took it out, and then I thought "maybe I shouldn't have that the day before surgery", so I questioned it reluctantly. Turns out I should not have it. REally, I am still being the doctor?

As I ate a light supper, it also didn't occur to me that this might be the last food for at least 15 to 18 hours. At 10:00PM, I thought about it and asked the nurse. She was not given pre-op instructions, so they are taking away water after midnight, and no food. No water for 14 hours. I can't imagine this. I didn't eat breakfast this morning, had a light lunch and supper and no one from this very large medical facility bothered to get pre-op instructions.

I know I am b@t#hing. I just can't wait for this thing to be over.


Going to bed now.

Judy in MI

Since it's late, I'll beat Mike to it and turn the lights out.

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Just wanted to jump in before going to bed and say hello. It seems my morning "air" has turned in to late night "air."

MI Judy...my thoughts and prayers are with you. You're a very strong lady and I know you're going to amaze everyone with your speedy recovery!!!

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Good Morning Judy,

Its Nine am here,just about to head out for my yoga and swim,just to let you know you are in my thoughts,my very best wishes for today,I just know everything is going to go well.It has been such a protracted run up to this day,the uncertainty of how things will pan out,what decisions would be taken following all the discussions you have shared with your medical team based on your test results.I so admire your attitude throughout and serves us all an example on how to face such adversity.Well todays the day,I know everything will go well,and with God on your side,how could it be otherwise?.My very best wishes for a completely successful operation,may your post op discomfort be minimal and your full recovery back to full health speedy.

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