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Morning All! Slept a little late this morning. Know that when gma is already on when I get up. It's Friday for the working folk but it took me some time to get that. I thought it was Thurs and I miswrote the topic yesterday. I had to check my computer calendar to convince myself. Oh yuk, Friday the 13th.

Janet, I think that would have been very exciting having the Pres summer there but Hepburn, Wow, she is my favorite all-time celebrity woman. Bud, do remember those headwinds on the bike and am very in touch with the anxiety angst. Keep us posted. Lily, congrats on McKenna's birth. How exciting is that! Ann, I can't decide whether I'm hot or cold from one minute to the next. Caught the AC coming on sometime in the early evening yesterday and it was set on 79. Eric, good for you keeping up the exercise. Haven't even started mine for 2012.

Judy, we are all here rooting for you. Have to admit, my biggest problem with surgeries or other procedures requiring fasting is NO FOOD. I'm the one screaming, please do this and feed me! We'll follow you up on CPs.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Beautiful sunny day today,I had to scrape the ice from my car first thing this morning,isnt front and rear screen heating wonderful,why was it that for years cars had rear screen heating rather than front screen,when front screen seems to me to be the more important,stop it Eric you are getting yourself dizzy.

Yoga-ing and swimming today,I told you about Jim my new friend?,he is great company,each day now we sit together after gym,and share a coffee and a choccie bicci,then we sort the world out into some kind of Utopia.

Lunch with Bill,Liz and Rhoda,food was wonderful,its all done by the catering students in the training restaurant,only £7 too,a bargain,real gourmet food with full artistic presentation,only trouble was the portion sizes were not what you would find in an American restaurant.Result after babysitting Jennifers dog in the evening,I am ravenous by the time she gets home.The dog sitting went really well,Dodger is such fun,chews at everything,in fact he was beside me on the sofa,he managed to get his full head into my trouser pocket a get a hold of my comb,we had a game of tug of war with it ,me trying to get it back,he enjoying a good chew,then he is racing up and down the living room,my previous dog Sam used to to do that too,we called it mad half hour.I also took him out for a walk too,Jennifer returns about 11.30pm,Dodger is lying sleeping across my lap, when she comes into the living room,Dodger,wakes up,sitting on my lap so excited on seeing Jennifer and Chris returned he promply pees all over me,so much of gratitude for me looking after him.Jennifer and Chris strangely think this is a hoot?.

I leave for home about midnight,really hungery,I refuse Jennifer's offer to make me something,I head for my favourite Indian takeaway in Whifflet,the Spice of India,they are just about to shut up shop,but knowing me as a regular,they insist on making me up a nice meal,chicken pakora,chicken tikka,nantera sauce,fried rice and a nan bread.I f you ever manage to get to Scotland,please, you must taste their nantera sauce,there's no where in the entire world thats even close to as good as.Well can you imagine 12.45am getting stick into a Indian meal,it was delicous,in fact it was so big I split it in half and will have the other half tonight.

I still have Judy in my mind all the time, so hope everything goes allright.Mens breakfast at ABC tomorrow,got to be out by 7am to set up all the tables,I still dont have an alarm clock so please dont let me sleep in,anybody want to give me a wake up call?.Bye everyone have a great weekend,I may pop in later.

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Good afternoon, all. I had a nice post and I guess Eric and I were posting at the same time....you know the rest of the story.

Nice, cool day here on Florida's Space Coast. As KW Judy said in her post, out temperatures are very up and down. All of this week, except for today, I've been wearing short sleeves and sandals to work. Today, I'm in jeans and a heavy sweater...go figure. This weekend is supposed to be chilly...nice weather to cuddle up, eat chili and watch a good football game.

I woke up this morning and before I got out of bed, I said a prayer for our MI Judy. I pray that her surgery goes well today and that her road to recovery is a smooth path.

Hubby and I are going out to dinner to a new Japanese restaurant tonight. I'm really looking forward to that, as I love Japanese food. After dinner, we're going to an auction that was recommended by a friend. This is not one of those "high priced" auctions where everything is pushed as being antique or collectible....it's one of those where you can buy box lots and all kinds of goodies for a small price. I will let you know how I liked it on Monday.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I plan on making some homemade soup or stew, and cuddling with my big red dog (golden retriever) and watching some serious football!!!


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Judy, I saw your CP and am sorry for the news and the delay. Only good thing, they decided and you can eat. 7:30 am is good not only for rested doctors but not long to be awake without food. I know, that seems all I think about lately--food. Stan wll be home and in no time I'll be complaining he cooks too much lol.

Eric, wish I had a situation like you describe--something to get me out of the house everyday (yikes, did I say that) and have coffee and chat with a friend. Guess I'm thinking that now because Stan's been away.

Ann, do report on the auction. Haven't heard of one like that since I was a kid. As I remember, it was a small indoor flea market affair with a large space for an auction maybe one night a week. What I remember best were the little brown paper bags of candy we brought home from one of the flea market "stores." The bags went into a china hutch in the hallway and I was a pro at getting in and out of them without getting caught lol.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon everyone!

MI Judy, I read your care page - and am so sorry things aren't going as easily as we all have been praying for. You have an amazing attitude, I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

Eric, Your life exhausts me! You seem to never stop! It sounds like you really enjoy life to it's fullest - that is wonderful!

Ann, I haven't been to an auction in quite a while. I have a problem with them, I hate to lose, so I keep bidding - sometimes way more than I am willing to spend, then I wait in panic hoping someone DOES outbid me! (I have the same problem with ebay!). They are fun - just be careful!!

Judy in KW - Katherine Hepburn WAS amazing. When I first moved to town it was kind of surreal to see her in the market, or at the ice cream fountain, or jay walking (she was a big jaywalker, I almost hit her once!) She always had on baggy slacks, a turtleneck and a scarf. Everyon in town really respected her privacy, we would nod hello and that was about it. She had a handpainted sign at the beginning of her driveway that said "please go away"! Her home is gorgeous, The origonal was destroyed in the hurricane of '36 and her family built this one soon after. The new owners completely renovated it and it can be yours for the low price of $28 million.

I had the farm this morning, the sky was blue but the wind was rough, it is blowing upwards of 50 miles an hour. The horses and donkeys were loving it! Then I had to go to the grocery store and buy the food for my husbands birthday dinner, come home and start preparing it. He always wants Lobster Newburg so I just finished shelling two lobsters, now time to make an apple pie. The problem is all day long I have been so so nauseous. I have been having this problem a lot lately. Makes wanting to eat difficult. Makes wanting to cook even harder!

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday the 13th!!

peace - Janet

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JudyMI - saw the update on the Care Page and can only imagine how frustrating all of this on-again, off-again stuff is, along with these little gems the doctors drop into our lives. I am keeping you in my prayers. Love the new picture. I do hope things don't get postponed again. 7:30 is a good time - like KW Judy pointed out -- no time to get really hungry!

It seems food is a main topic today --- it all sounds so good. Eric - I love good Indian food, as well as good Japanese. Unfortunately I don't think I've met any food I really dislike. My parents lived in India for some years and my mother learned to cook all of the dishes they loved -- so when she came home I got spoiled. None of our local restaurants are really exceptional though.

It's still cold here - but sunny - so a friend talked me into meeting her for Thai food for lunch -- we do have a really great Thai restaurant. Had the garlic chicken - really good!

Had some excitement on the way home. Went through the drive thru at the bank - always crowded of course on a Friday afternoon. Waved at a teller I knew inside the bank - and my wedding ring flew off and I couldn't find it anywhere. Unfortunately because of my shortness of breath I can't just jump out and crawl around in the bushes. The operations officer, who I didn't know, came out and made everyone back out of the drive thru lane while she did crawl around in the bushes. Happy ending - found my ring. Sent her some flowers to thank her. Am just glad I didn't have to call my husband and tell him what I'd done.

Lily - congratulations on the baby!! I don't do FB much - so hope you will post a picture here when you can.

Janet - thanks for the picture of Hepburn's house. I have seen pictures after the hurricane -- it certainly is beautiful now. Will keep it in mind in case I ever win Powerball :D

Ann - good luck at the auction. I'm another one who doesn't know when to stop bidding - but I love to go to them.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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