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Afternoon All! Errands have been run and I'm settled in my recliner. I'll get up again later and empty that sink mess into the dishwasher but I am beat. Was up for some unearthly reason at 5:30 am. Was it a coincidence that I didn't take an Ativan last night? I'm thinking it could have been the sinus headache I had when I woke up.

A nice thing happened in the CVS parking lot. I sat for quite a time waiting for this elderly woman who obviously had physical infirmities getting in the passenger side of an SUV. A gentleman came and knocked on my window and said he was trying to back out behind me. I told him what I was doing and he saw the woman and said no problem, no rush, take as long as she needed. His wife also smiled. I was so pleased with his response and the woman hadn't shut her door yet so we waited. It turned out she was waiting for her husband who arrived and called her attention to us--she had no idea we were all waiting on her. It was just a special experience to have the couple agree so kindly to wait with me.

Turn to a funny thing at the grocery store. I put my canvas bags on the belt and was hurrying to unload my cart. I really didn't look beyond the young male cashier and asked him to be sure the bagger didn't bag them too heavy. This was in anticipation that I would get a bagger who did not speak English as I often do. About that time, I looked up and saw the bagger--a young very tall, very American-looking young man. I laughed and said, "oh, you speak English." "Perfectly," he replied and we all had a chuckle.

Janet, I loved the pic of Hepburn's house. I want it. How lucky you are just to have so casually encountered her. By the way, do you have Zofran? I take compazine at night for about a week after chemo and I rarely get nauseous. When I do, I find Zofran very effective . But then that sounds like quite a day you put in. Maybe the nausea was trying to tell you to stop and rest.

Diane, does that wonderful story of yours involving your ring mean you've lost so much weight it just slipped off when you waved? If so, tell me how you did it lol.

Have a great evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Since there's nothing from MI Judy, I assume they finally did get her in for her surgery. Have been praying all has gone well and the news will be good.

Judy -- sorry, haven't lost a pound but my husband asked me the same thing . . . I only wish :) For whatever reason tho I don't seem to be retaining fluid like I used to -- and I had just put on hand lotion while waiting on the teller. Considering how I've been eating, I would be worried if I were losing -- tonight we are meeting friends at a new Italian place that is supposed to have these out-of-this-world hot pastrami sandwiches. I have to try them, right?

Judy - I'm with you on the cloth bags. The young checkers just don't seem to understand that some of us can't handle these bags when they are loaded with heavy canned goods, etc. Even then, their idea of "keep it light" and my idea are completely different.

We are supposed to finally - maybe - start getting some rain. Hate the rain, but hopefully it will put all the ski resort employees back to work. Might clean out the air too - it's been very unhealthy.

Have a good Saturday!

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Diane, seems just you and I today. I'm violating my rule about the computer late at night, and 10 pm is late for me. I just had to write and say to someone or no one, wow I just watched The Hours. It seemed vaguely familiar so I'm guessing I saw it some years ago. Now I want to re-read Mrs Dalloway. I was an English major after I was an Education major and before I was a Psyc major lol. I've read so much literature and can't imagine I skipped that classic but I just can't recall any detail at all.

Now I get to turn out the lights (click) before the computer wakes up my brain.

Judy in KW

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