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Morning All!

Ten years in AZ and never saw one snake - a week in florida and it's giant cockroaches, alligators and poisonous snakes.
Diane, I laughed thru this whole thing. It reminded me of my introduction to the Keys in 1964-65. After meeting the flying cockroach, I was sitting at the table having my morning coffee. Something over my head moved and I screamed. It was a leaf from my hanging plant. Stan told me if I didn't get a grip, they were going to come with the white jackets and take me away. I think the flying ones must be extinct. Haven't seen one in 25 yrs lol.

Stan's home and all is well. He took it well when I put in a special request. After picking up his snack bowl and dirty socks when we went to bed, I decided to wait til morning for the request. After he announced his plans to clean out his Excursion, wash the seatcovers and clean the whole truck, I asked just that he put things away when he was done. Sounds simple, for him I'm afraid NOT. I explained (as women foolishly do since he probably hasn't heard anything after "would you please"), the cleaning lady is coming Thurs and we are leaving for Ft Lauderdale on Friday. Sorry guys, I needed to get this off my chest.

Speaking of cleaning, I have been validated by some magazine (maybe Reader's Digest) article reviewed on gma. Recommendation by cleaning persons is to pick up or straighten up so the cleaning person doesn't have to make piles and can get right to clean. Ha Ha to those who like to irritate me by saying I clean for the cleaning lady.

O.k., I've avoided work in this machine long enough. Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning everyone! The sun is shining - but it is very cold outside!

Judy - I always tease my sister about cleaning for her cleaning lady. She apends hours, picking up rugs, stripping beds, etc. But, I guess maybe I am just a little jealous!

And, when I ask my husband to pick up after himself he doesn't get it either. The joke (one of those sad jokes that is really the truth) between me and the kids is that when I am gone this house will look like Grey Gardens (if you don't know it google it - an amazing story!)

Diane - I laughed all the way through your story because it sounded so familiar! When we were newlyweds we moved from our backwoods, upstate NY town of 500 to Houston Texas. There were not 1000's of coakroaches but on the very first day when my husband left for work I saw my first cockroach ever - and I was too afraid to kill it, or take my eyes off of it in case I lost track of where it was, so I spent the whole day in an empty apartment (we had no furniture) watching the damn cockroach! (it didn't take long to realize 1 cockroach was unusual - multiples were the more common scenario!) We also had water moccasins in the driveway, and unbearable humidity (we had a car that was dark burgundy inside and out with no air conditioning.)

We lasted 18 months - and have been back in the North east ever since!

It sounds like MI Judy had a rough day yesterday, lots of guests and pain management problems. I hope today things go smoother. It is so hard when people visit, you want visitors, but it would be nice to have some sort of schedule so they don't all come at once - and know when to leave!

I wasn't on line much this weekend. My middle child came home for a surprise overnight visit. She is in medical school and crazy busy but they gave them the weekend off as a surprise. It was a nice calm, quiet visit which was good as I haven't recovered from the holidays yet. She mostly just studied and watched the games with her father (thank God the Patriots won or it would have changed the mood of the weekend drastically!) Today I plan on cleaning out all the files and stacks of "important papers" that have piled up. (goes back to my husband and his "hoarding tendancy"!)

I hope you all have wonderful days!

peace - Janet

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Janet, you can add to my KW experience list since moving here again in the 80's--scorpions! Don't get me started on those stories lol.

Wish I was sorting some of these bins in my office. Wish I could blame Stan but they are Medicare stuff I have to go through to see what I might need to keep. Another is all the receipts and stuff from online--what if I need to order something again. So I'm a hoarder too. Thankfully most of his is outside, most of mine inside. I've been working on it but it will take some time.

I'm hoping for a nice low-keyed visit with my daughter in Lauderdale this weekend. We'll see Jersey Boys and hopefully she won't want to do a bunch of shopping.

I'm not as up as I could be today. Not talking much to Stan. It's one of those trips where he comes back seeming to just irritate the heck out of me. He's not his usual self, more his high-handed I know it all self. Not crazy over that guy. Good thing he doesn't show up too often lol. Now I just have to figure out how to thaw after this morning's encounter leading to one of the stupiest arguments on record.

Have a good afternoon everyone.

Judy in KW

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Was so sorry to hear that MI Judy had such a problem with her pain control - what with the problem with the hold in her lung during the biopsy it would seem she is due for a break. I must have become a really cranky old person - I've simply gotten to the point where I tell people to please not come visit me in the hospital at all, but to wait until I get home - and then call first. One or two close friends would be OK, but it never fails that just as soon as they arrive so do others and I always wind up feeling like I'm supposed to be entertaining guests and worrying about everyone having a seat.

KW Judy and Janet - I had to laugh at the complaints about the men and am glad to know I am not alone. When you come into our house you have to walk by the dining room table to get to the coat closet - so my husband just drapes his coats over the dining room chairs. Not just one mind you - but both his "work" coat and his "good" coat -- and don't forget the 2 or 3 ball caps laying on the table. His reasoning for not walking the additional 6 feet to hang them in the closet is that he's just going to be wearing them again!! As for the cleaning lady - I almost hate to have one come because I'm usually so stressed out making sure the house is clean enough. I think only women can understand that one. But I admit I don't understand the football "mood swings" - one of our sons who works for us is a huge 49er fan -- but no one wants to work with him the day after they lose a game!

Janet - loved your story about the lone cockroach. Judy - scorpions? in the Keys?? Well, I still would like to visit one day - but am glad I've been warned.

Am going to try to get something accomplished this afternoon. Am not sure why I'm having so much trouble buckling down this year.

Have a good day.

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