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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Just checked in on Judy. Sounds like things are moving in a positive direction. Hopefully she'll be home soon.

Now I have to get to my worry about Stephanie. Hope she is doing o.k. Last we heard from her, the whole house including the cats were under the weather. Anyone who has heard from her since then, just let us know that she is o.k. Sorry Stephanie, you know what worry-worts we are.

Have been putting Christmas away--yuk, yuk. I know for most of you that job has been long gone but you know, some of us are a little slow. Stan's been pulling down and putting back up the boxes but oh my, does he have a load of stuff to deal with from his truck. I'd rather do Christmas. I'm doing all but the tree decorations. That will wait til we get back from the mainland. Tomorrow I deal with the paperwork the accountant left in the mailbox last night and last minute mail that needs to go out. And of course, packing. I have to try stuff on before I pack. I never know what fits anymore.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon everyone. Like KW Judy, I have been keeping up with MI Judy and it seems that she is progressing wonderfully! She's a very strong and determined lady and I'm sure that she's going to keep up a great fight!!!

KW Judy...don't think you're the only one that's still struggling with the Christmas decorations. My tree finally came down last week and some of the boxes are still sitting in the corner of the living room, waiting for the annual trip to the attic. This year, I really cut sown on the amount of decorating that I did and it really does feel nice to not have so much to deal with when the time comes to putting it all away. I am really thinking that next year, the tree will be a much smaller one and maybe that will be all that I do. Sorry...don't mean to be a "humbug" but it's just getting to be way too much!

I spent most of my morning thinking that today was Wednesday. What a bummer it was when I found out the difference! But...honestly, I need the time as I'm still fighting with winding up end of the year paperwork and figures.

I talked to Becky Snowflake last night and suggested we organize one of our annual winter trips on the Big Blue Bus. I know we always try and find a warm destination to visit...last year we went to see Ned in Hawaii. Maybe this year, we'll journey to KW and see our Judy. Think you're up to a Big Blue Bus with a lot of LCSC friends onboard???

Becky says she can't get the bus on the road this week, as she's awaiting tests and results...but maybe in a week or so. What does everyone think? Where should we go?


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Good afternoon everyone! I am writing from the lovely infusion chair! Actually, it is lovely, the chair is heated, I have beautiful view of the city and I don't have to feel guilty about doing nothing with my day! I really am so blessed to live so close to such a wonderful Cancer Hospital. I have to wait a bit for my infusion because I can never "pee" on demand! I got here at 10:30 for my blood work and appt, had two cups of coffee and a bottle of water and I just now was able to go! If I was at home I would have gone ten times by now! The nurse gave me permission to go at home from now on and just bring it in with me, I am so glad I asked! Met with my APRN, she feels the bone aches are just yet another Tarceva side effect (oh joy) and that the stomachs issues and nausea are from the Celebrex I have been on to help control the swelling in my brain. We are going to try to go off that for a while and see what happens. (any of the usual drugs to help with the stomach and nausea lessen the effectiveness of Tarceva) I am glad, I think the Celebrex has definitely been messing with my stomach and I have enough stomach issues with the Tarceva!

My son (my youngest) was supposed to start his first job since he graduated college in May today, but he just emailed and said there was a mix up with HR and he can't start until Monday now. I feel bad for him, he is itching to get started and we all will feel the job is more "real" once he actually a starts!

I took all my Christmas decorations down last weekend, it felt so good! I love having them up, but it is so nice to get the house back to normal once they are down! Our tree was very dry by the time we took it out so I think I will be sweeping up pine needles for months! Like Ann I put up less this year than usual. I liked it, less is more!

So, someone explain this "Bus Trip" thing to me?!

MI Judy, if you are reading, you are in my prayers!

Peace -Janet

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Hi Ladies (no gentlemen here today),

Janet, I always laugh and say I have plastic cup syndrome. I can't go enough in one of those cups to do any sort of test, but like you I suffer from that old Irish disease, TB. Stands for tiny bladder. I don't kmow if you are Irish or not, it is just what we called it.

I put up way too many Christmas decorations this year because I was having a big party. I took pictures and next year I am just going to hang up the pictures, LOL.

Judy MI definitely sounds like she is moving in the right direction and Randy sounds like he is being her knight in shining armor.

Janet, you must be thrilled your son has finally gotten a job. It is really tough the kids today.

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It looks as tho. we have a week or so to plan the trip. I always enjoy the planning stage :lol::lol: Florida would be a great destination and you can pick me up along the way. If you take I75, stop in Orlando first; if I95, pick up Ann first. You all (note the Northern version of y'all) might want to stop at the parks here for a couple days. Our economy really needs your donations. I always have a concern re: who is going to be driving the bus. Also, we need to contact some of our "old timers" to let them know about this wonderful opportunity. This group would include Ry, Denise, Bruce and a few others who don't regularly visit these boards.

FYI, when was the bus painted? I've forgotten. It used to be yellow when Randy gave it to us

Now, for those of you who think I'm crazy, let me explain the annual trip on the now blue bus. The trip is imaginary, so we can go any place we want to visit. We considered visiting Eric in Scotland and did go to HI to see Ned. The ocean part of the trip is a little scary, but if you are lucky, you'll get a life jacket and inflatable small boat. I brought my own last year and didn't need them. Dogs are allowed on the bus. I'll be bringing Bailey, my Golden Retriever. If you have more questions, let me know. I can find more ridiculous answers.

Now, for more realistic issues. I'm really glad that MI Judy is doing so well. If she wants to join us on the trip, we will have to wait until her stitches or staples are removed. That's ok. We need to decide if we want to wait until Lillian returns to CA or if we should pick her up in LA. Ahh....The Super Bowl. I don't know when it is, but we'll have a tv on the bus.

Hope every one has a good day.


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