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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Well Ann, it is Wednesday now and I hope that list of things you have to do is shrinking.

I feel like I blew my morning and now I am tired. I was talking on the phone to Wendy while trying on clothes for the trip. I found some clothes that were hanging against the closet door and they were molding. That's because my ceiling fan in my close stopped working awhile ago. I just put in a little table fan but it looks like too little too late.

Of course I will take the bus trip if it starts. I'll be honest tho, it makes me a little sad each time now because so many are not here to join in. But now I have to go see how Becky is doing.

Got to go now and deal with laundry I didn't plan on having to do today. Hope I get it together soon. Think I'll have to drink coffee today to keep it going.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good afternoon, friends.

My, it's quiet here today. If it weren't for KW Judy, we'd have an empty room today. Judy, I am sorry to say that my list hasn't gotten much shorter. For the past two days, it seems that i have been distracted every time I start to do something with numbers. We have three phones in this office and if the other two are busy, the third one rolls over to my desk. It sure does seem that has happened a lot this week, making it hard for me to get my work done. Funny, I was just listening to John Tesh's radio show and he says that for every time you go "off task" it takes about 25 minutes to get back on task. I can definitely believe that. When you work with payments, there is never an easy answer like yes and no. Everything is about a paper trail and that takes time to track down and figure out, regardless of how good a job you do.

It's a beautiful day here today. The temperatures are in the mid 70's. The sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the bright, blue sky. I love these days and would love to be outdoors, soaking in some Vitamin D.

I haven't gotten an update on MI Judy today. Yesterday, I was so glad to see her post on the care site. I pray that she is having a good day!

KW Judy...I know what you mean about friends not being with us. Very sad and hard to cope with.

Hope everyone has a great afternoon and evening.


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I am trusting that things are going well for MI Judy today - haven't seen any update on Care Pages. I have been thinking about Stephanie also, and am going to check Cancer Grace later in case she has posted anything there.

I got up today with great intentions to get a move on with all the things I am supposed to be doing, but of course things didn't work out quite like I hoped. A couple of business emergencies, and calls from family with their emergencies (at least what they think are emergencies), and it's now after lunch and I'm still in my robe on my way to the shower! Can't figure out why everyone thinks they should call me - Dear Abby I'm not.

I never made the bus trip - but think it would be fun. And I think Key West is a great place now that I know that Judy has assured me all the giant flying cockroaches are dead :) I'm a little out of the way to pick up - but Oregon's a nice place to visit, just not very warm now - so maybe the bus can made a detour?

I haven't been a member here as long as most, but I also think of so many of the wonderful people who welcomed me.

Ann - 70s sound like heaven. Not only is it cold here - but finally raining. I miss the sun, but the ski slopes need snow so the employees can go back to work - and the skiers can start spending money. We might get some snow on the valley floor - but it seldom lasts long. It's very pretty when all the hills are covered tho.

Have a good day.

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Hi everyone - I meant to post earlier but somehow my whole day went by, it is time to start dinner and I have done NOTHING! I started out with good intentions, I wanted to write to one of the newbies in the introduce yourself forum. But, I knew it would be a long post, and for fear of losing it I thought I would type it out first - only on the iPad I dont have Microsoft word. So, I downloaded the app for that, typed out the whole letter and then couldnt figure out how to get it from there to here! So, I ended out copying the whole post by hand and then retyping it onto the forum. That was my day! Now I am back working on cleaning out the files. I finished mine but without his permission I have started in on my husbands, what a mess! I like doing it though, for a few years I was a file clerk in a medical office, I like to organize (and I live with a very unorganized man!)

Judy in KW. I always have that mold problem here in the summer. One of the few bad things about living close to the shore.

I will give the bus a try, I hate to be a party pooper! Besides, Key West is on my life list of places to see! As long as the bus doesn't mind making a trip to New England on the way to Key West! (I can bring you all over to see Kate Hepburns house!) Also, if Muriel is bringing her Golden Retriever, I will bring mine along as well (his name is Sean) I bet they will have a lot of fun together!

Ginnyde - I AM part Irish! My bladder can hold nothing, I can't giggle or sneeze or cough without having to go - UNLESS they ask me to go in a cup!! And, yes I am thrilled my son got a job! I was feeling so bad for him, people don't even write and tell you no even if you have gone in for multiple interviews, they just leave you hanging. He graduated with a degree in Neuroscience and got a job doing research at Harvard, so we are very relieved!

We have lost so many friends here. The list is way too long. I have lost too many at my in person support group too. It makes me so sad some days, other days, more of them, it makes me want to fight harder.

I couldn't tell you the weather today, I haven't opened the door! I know it is too cold for comfort!

Have a wonderful evening everyone

Peace, Jamet

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Janet and Diane, we'd love to have you - and anyone else who is interested - join us on the bus. This is going to be a great trip and we'll see lots of interesting places. Yes, I'd like to see the Katherine Hepburn house and I'd like to stop in NYC for a short time. My son would love to meet y'all and to see our dog again. I hope our junky looking bus doesn't embarrass him.

If we go in mid-Feb. maybe we could catch the Westminster Kennel Club show at Madison Square Garden. They won't let our Goldens in, however. I've only been to CT once and never to OR. Where else shall we stop?

We need more people, too. Becky, shouldn't we be hearing from you on this?

Ann mentioned that the Central FL weather has been great, but Tony on WESH 2 says a cold front is coming our way tonight.


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For anyone who hasn't been on Grace - Stephanie posted that she has been really ill and struggling with severe nausea etc. Stephanie - hope you get relief from these symptoms quickly! According to our newscast - Seattle has been hit today with the "worst storm since the 1940's" . . . Winter has really arrived.

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