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A harsh realization

Nick C

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After my mom passed away my sister moved in and kept my moms phone# along with moms answering machine. Sometimes I would call just to hear moms voice but as so many have done my sister dropped the landmine and went cellular. Sad to say but I have forgotten what my moms voice sounded like. So I can relate to how your feeling. How I would love to hear her voice again.

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Nick, your mom has a new home and a new phone number now. You can talk to her any time of day and I know she will hear you. I do understand what you are saying. When Mike died I left his outgoing message on our phone and it gave me comfort, but also made me sad. One day we had a big storm that knocked power out and my answering machine lost it's memory and Mike's message, guess it was time to move on, but it was so upsetting. This also reminds me of when my grandmother passed away and I guess as a way of accepting reality I would call her number, only to hear that it was not in service. :( I have forgotten her number as well. I understand those little things that are just a jolt to the heart.

Big Hugs,


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