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Sad day today...


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6 years ago today I lost deb. the love of my life and my soulmate. Its hard to remember a lot of things. I don't et as emotional as I used to. hard to explain.

But on the other side, I was driving to work this am and heard that our new cancer center has expanded and can treat many more cancer patients now. Am I happy ? yes and no of course! if there was no cancer I would be really happy and they would shut that big new facility down! I am sad that we still have to keep fighting these dam diseases though and glad that they can fight harder now!


It is a bittersweet kind of day for me today. Jut venting a little. I will be ok...

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You've been in my thoughts today, (((Randy)))! As I wrote to you on facebook, it seems like it was just yesterday. You lost your Deb about a month and half before I lost my Mike ( March 2nd) and I remember those days . You said "it's hard to remember a lot of things" and I have noticed that, as time goes on, I have forgotten some of the bad moments also or perhaps they are blocked from our memories. Maybe, it's God's way of helping us to cope and focus on the good times. Take care , Randy and always remember you have lots of friends who want to be here for you through the good and bad times.



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hugs back to Katie Today!!!! thanks all It sunny and nice and went and laid flowers today. feeling better about things so Back to normal again!!!

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