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Tuesday's Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Good to see our Judy's back,glad you enjoyed the Jersey Boys JudyKW,and JudyMI,hoping you are feeling well,with minimum discomfort from your surgery.I am still a bit in the dark about your op,last I had actually read was about the Friday of your planned surgery being cancelled,next you're done and dusted?.Wishing you an excellent response and recovery.

Well, missed my yoga class today,Jennifer phoned last night,change of plans for her and Chris today,Chris was in the recording studio last night with his group,well instead of coming home this morning,they are staying today in the studio also.Since Jennifer was teaching this morning, could I come and puppysit Dodger,no problem,he is a lovely friend to play with,unfortunately Jennifer and Chris,are having some problems with him being so demanding of attention constantly,also they cannot leave him in the house for a moment,since he begins to howl the place down,they are concerned about upsetting their neighbours.

I had a most enjoyable evening with the Morgan Lee Band on Saturday,Ann the violinist,invited me to her house for a party,what she didnt tell me was it was her 50th birthday party,I felt a bit bad since other than the wine and beer I had brought,I did'nt get her a prezzie,not even a card.Lots of musicians there,what a talented lot they were,Ann had asked me to bring my guitar along,I did'nt,just as well these guys were so good.One guy,was playing bass guitar,swops it for the next song for acoustic,next he moves to the keyboard,asks me for a song,several times in fact,didnt matter which song I mentioned he could play it perfectly on the keyboard with any written music,how do they do it?.Best moment?,lead singer Emma asks me to duet a Johnny Cash song with her,I got to sing all night in between conversations,I did have an advantage,I was the only one there that seemed to know all the words to the songs being played.I left my car at Jennifer's,she ran me to the party,I asked her for her door key,since I didnt expect to return to her home until the wee small hours,Dad, I will wait up for you,didnt get home until 4 am,makes a change for all the times I had to wait up for her coming home from a disco when she was younger.

Think I had more to share with you,but its gone out my head?never mind,I'll give you a break and close now,enjoy the rest of your day everyone,Bye.

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Good morning, everyone. Hope everyone is having a nice day with decent weather. It's supposed to hit 80 here today. It's very hard to believe this is January...even if we are here in Florida. It seems that the uncanny weather has been one of the top lead news stories for most of the networks lately. Hopefully, February won't double up on bad weather and make up for our mild January. I do know that some of the coldest temps I've ever witnessed here in Florida have been in February. It seems it's always very windy during February and that makes the air seem much colder.

I am so hopeful that our MI Judy will be able to come home today. It breaks my heart when I read her posts and see how much she misses her little furbabies. I can't imagine what it would be like to be away from my little barkers for a long period of time.

Our Becky Snowflake posted on FB last night that she got some great news from her doc yesterday. I'm going to wait and let her spill the specifics! I'm just so very happy for her.


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Afternoon All! Eric, sounds like you had another gala evening out. Ann, I'm loving this weather. I admit to being a little chilly in the morning but basically, it's been great.

Coming in late again. We're playing catch-up after being gone 3 days. The tree got untrimmed today, a little laundry, a little office. All the tree ornaments are packed but the boxes are sitting on the dr table waiting for a package to come in the mail. We suddenly got an infestation of silverfish last summer. Terminex does the outside when we're gone but not inside. I've ordered these silverfish packets before so hope they work again.

Tomorrow in the office is a must--Thursday is chemo and I can't count on how I'll feel after that. Lately, the week after has not been good.

Checked Judy's CarePages and am hoping she gets to get home this week. I went on fb and saw Becky's news--hip, hip, hooray!

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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Judy KW--I apologize for not responding to your restaurant recommendations but last week we were dealing with perhaps the worst WiFi I have ever experienced. We've kind of gotten into a routine where we have lunch out every other day. So far we've experienced Cafe Square One, El Siboney(the Cuban place on Catherine), Rusty Anchor, Hogfish, Mangoes, Two Friends Patio Restaurant, Hurricane Hole, and Kennedy's--our favorite and one of your recommendations--Mangoes--a great piece of Yellowtail Snapper with nice music and an excellent waiter. Today we had lunch on Sunset Key with our friends from Massachusetts and Nova Scotia--NOT one of our favorite places.

We're going to be in Key West for about 2 more weeks and then it's back to scans, etc. Tee and I would like to invite you and your husband (or a friend) to lunch at your favorite lunch restaurant. You can email me at tkrimminger@gmail.com.

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Tom, wow, you hit a lot of great restaurants, most I am familiar with. Thanks for the lunch invite but will have to get back to you on that. Tomorrow is chemo day and it's not usually followed by my best days. I'll let you know. In the meantime, have fun!

Judy in KW

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