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lung cancer stage 11 really worried for dad will he be fine


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Hi all,

My dad was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer. he just has a surgery they removed it all, but the doctor says it has spread a bit to lymph nodes, so its stage 11. He would need chemo. Im getting really panicky can anyone please tell me what to expect. Will he be fine. Does chemo work? does anyone have any kind of information please.



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Hi Span,

Welcome,so glad you have found us,I dont think you could have come to a better place for friendship and support.I am so sorry to hear about your Dad,there are so many here that can share with you their experiences that will certainly help you in your search for information and support.

Does chemo work?well your Dad and I do share similar experiences,I had neo-adjuvant chemo to shrink my tumour,which if successful would,reduce its size to allow it to be operable,well happy to tell you, this chemo certainly worked, which led me to having a upper right lobectomy in January 2009.

Since my surgery,I have required no further treatment,my oncologist told me to expect 15-20 years if not a cure.It is my hope that my oncologist's prediction for me turns out to be accurate.Unfortunately I was'nt given a diploma of guarantee about having many years in front of me,who does get such a diploma,with cancer or not?.

The staging of your Dads cancer,as with mine,is early,and he has every chance of a having many years cancer free.Please pass on to your Dad my very best wishes,along with an invite to join us here.In my experience,the start of my cancer journey was most difficult to cope with psychologically,I found it difficult to sleep at night,seemingly not having any light at the end of the tunnel,but gradually,with the passage of time,support of my family and friends,my jangled nerves began to settle,arriving here,I began to realise,maybe I do have a future after all?.Today I have found my old pre dx self,and enjoying my life to the full.Sorry if my post seems to be a bit disjointed,its just gone 3.30am here,I' ve just woke up for a bathroom visit and could'nt resist a wee peek at the posts here.Goodnight,God Bless.

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Welcome. Sorry you need to be here but your Dad will be the better for it. Lots of love and support here as well as shared experiences. The stage cancer you describe is definitely cureable and the follow-up chemo is standard for his case as you describe it. In fact, my sister had a similar dx last spring, finished her rounds of chemo and is doing fine. Let us know when you find out what chemo he will be getting. There is sure to be someone here who can tell you what he might expect in terms of side-effect. We do stress, however, that everyone is different and responds differently. Hang in there.

Judy in KW

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thankyou so much mike. That helps. Im at the hospital trying to keep him postivebecause he keeps going in and out of depression and messages like this from survivors like you and your warmth really helps and is really appreciated.

Thankyou and may god bless you

love sapna

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once he starts the chemo i gets a little rough but the thought that the healing process is taking place is helpful. I think the fact that he was able to have surgery speaks volumes about his chances for a Full recovery from this! can not definitely say cured, because not the expert but could say pretty good odds an manageable though! Surgery is a big milestone! Chemo will help a lot but that also is a tough road but a short one !!

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hi all,

Just found out its stage 4 not 2. Doctors have said chemo and radio. just very shocked. I feel its not really happening its all a dream. Please tell me someone out there who has had stage 4 and are still well.

Please im so scared i feel like ill be waking up and its a bad dream. My dad is such a fighter and to see him like this kills me. I dont know what to say to him what to do. i dont want to do internet search because it all sounds scary i want to know real life storied. At the moment im in the hospital with dad feel so strange like im just going to wake up any minute.


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I know how scary things are right now. Try going through the good news and the inspiration forums also! once the treatments are starting and you see some relief things will change!! It is ok to be scared for now because this is the fight of your dads life!! When you see results the fear goes away and you get the feeling that it will be ok after all!!

Prayers thoughts and positive energy to you and family right now!!

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span/sapna (sapnathakur),

What specific type of lung cancer is it? :?: Adenocarcinoma? Squamous cell? Large cell? Small cell? something else? (Note: non-small cell lung cancer [NSCLC] is a category, not a specific type.) The specific type is important to determining drug options and odds of certain tests being useful.

Best hopes,


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Hi there,

I just wanted to say that the beginning of a lung cancer diagnosis is so very scary. But, as days and weeks go by, things become clearer and once a treatment plan is in place, it has seemed so much easier to cope for so many of us.

Just know you are not alone with your fears and uncertainty. We've all been there with this and are here to help.

Good luck and stay in touch,


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