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I just find I have lung cancer


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Hello, everybody, I am really happy that I can find here. You guys look so nice, and I suppose that I really need to get some spirit lift now.

I just find that I have lung cancer (Jan 11), it is probably a NSCLC. And, I need have more tests to get to know my stage before sit down talk my probably treatments with my surgeon.

Here is my scheduled test:

Jan 27, Bronchoscopy and Mediatinoscopy.

Jan 30, PET Scan

I have done a chest x-ray in November, 2011,

a Bronchoscopy in December, 2011,

a CT scan on Jan 6, 2012.

I am really scary now, I am only 39, have 3 small children.

Well, I hope that they can find a way to cure my disease.

Thank you for seeing my post.

Maggie from Toronto

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Hi Maggie

Just wanted to welcome you to this great site. I live in Alberta and started my L/C journey in 2007. You will find the members here very supportive with alot of experience. Once you begin to get more information and a plan in place, things begin to level out emotionaly as you get that fighting spirit. Take care and please keep us updated.

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Listen to Bruce, what he says is so true. It's all so shocking and awful in the beginning. Things do seem to level off when the plan is in place and you put yourself in the hands of the professionals. Let us know when you find out the staging and what treatment you will have. We have plenty of people here with experience with all sorts of treatments. Hang in there.

Judy in KW

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Hi Maggie,

Just like Bruce a fine Scottish name.Welcome to LCSC,sorry to read of your dx,I know how anxious you will be feeling at this moment in time,the start of this journey is always at its most difficult from the outset.You are so lucky finding here so quickly,it took me over a year from my dx to get here,maybe I took longer as I live on the other side of the pond?.I think had I got here earlier,with the quality of support and information I received,my journey would have been so much easier.

As your medical team complete all your tests,they will evaluate the best course of treatments for you,I know personally,I was so apprehensive when they told me about receiving chemo followed up by surgery or radio therapy depending on how my tumour reacted to the chemo,as it turned out,the chemo worked very well on me and I had a upper right lobectomy in January in 2009.What was I so scared about my up and coming treatments?well will the chemo make me violently sick,will my hair fall out(I didnt mind the losing the gray ones)will my surgery be excessively painful,will it leave my a breathless invalid,think if to name it I dreamed up many other unpleasent scenarios.Well I have to tell you,nothing of my worst fears were realised,honestly,I sailed through the lot,one episode of constipation during chemo,which if i had been here earlier the buddues would have advised me beforehand to drink lots of fluids,my post surgery,was best described a bit uncomfortable,but not painful,thats too strong a word.

I do wish you all the very best as your treatment plan gets underway,I promise you, that with the passage of time all your anxieties will begin to subside,particularly with the support of your family and friends around you,also us cheering you on from the sidelines,you are not facing this alone.

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Thank you for you all who reply to me here. :)

Yes, I am so anxious to know what I can do to work with my docotors. Waiting make me stressful. I think I probably can get to know some informations on Feb 9 when I meet my surgeon in TEGH.

I am really lucky that I have no other symptoms, but coughing. And, my surgeon is a really nice doctor with many experiences. Well, I just suffer some emotional problems and posting here and get responds make me feel happy and comfortble.

I will continue update my informations here, Thanks again to Bruce, Judy and Eric.

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things do get better in the mind when you know what the treatment plan is and how things will work. we can help a lot here by listening and answering questions about most everything LC related but we also have an Oncologist that volunteers his time at another site for more complicated medical questions. Most of our members here are also members there! the site is free to join and I suggest that you use your same name so folks from here will recognize you over there also!! the link to the site is;


Dr Jack West is our fave person for the medical questions and he is great t getting a quick answer for you !!

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Hi there,

Welcome here. None of us like the reason we are here, but thankful this place is here because the friends you can make here will help you all along your journey.

NSCLC is less aggressive than SCLC. I was like you in that department. Thankful that my cancer slow growing and easier to treat. I had surgery to remove a lobe, and follow up chemo. Four and a half years later I was cancer free!

I hope the prognosis for you is comforting, and do let us know what they say about the staging of the cancer, treatment plans etc. We'll try to help you wade through the myriad of good hearted doctos, and what they say.

Lung cancer is curable. Please know that. Hope is an excellent medicine for this. Stay hopeful, and positive and it will help you in this journey.

Judy in MI

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Thank you for Randy and Judy in MI, well, I feel ok now, will go the the site which Randy tell me here after knowing my staging and treatment plan. I probably can update my info on Feb 9, after I meet my surgeon.

Thank you for you all who are caring about me at this difficult time.

Have a nice day


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