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I'm hoping others may have some experience with this problem. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3b or 4 NSCLC in November. Unfortunately, she has put off getting the necessary tests to exactly determine the extent of the cancer. I'm letting her deal with this in her own way, so I cannot push her to get the tests done. So far, they have discovered several tumors in two upper lobes of one lung with mets to hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes. For the last month, she has had edema in one leg and one arm. She also has reported severe pain in her afffected foot which I am attributing to the swelling. She has told me that the doctors have given her no reason for the swelling other than ruling out blood clots. I have gotten her to go get support hose and that has helped, but I'm wondering what the underlying cause may be. She also tried Lasix which had no effect. My fear is that there is either an undiagnosed tumor in her pelvic region or that her lymph system is just nonfunctioning to to cancer in the lymph system. Any ideas?

She will hopefully getting an MRI and PET scan later this month and I am sure that will answer many questions.

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