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Haven't been around today to see that the Air was not opened today. So even though it's late, I'll post. I've been home since 2:00 yesterday. I slept most of today, which is a blessing for me. I'm up now for about an hour and then back to bed. Oral medication of morphine has been huge in allowing me to just sleep and heal.

Slept on my tummy for the first time in a month. Can't even believe how amazing it felt to do that! So grateful for that. Will write more later.

Hope all is well with everyone.

MI Judy

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Oh Judy. I am so glad you are in your own bed, what a great feeling.

I totally understand sleeping on your tummy. When I broke my femur it was almost 3 months until I could do that. Over 3 years later I still appreciate it.

Don't be a big brave girl, take the pain meds whenever you need them.

What's the next step? Will someone be with you tomorrow morning while Randy is on the radio?

Keep us posted. We care.

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