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Morning All! O.k. guys, chime in here any time now lol. My life is too boring for words. Taxes again today, what else. Tomorrow though, Stan and I will go to the Hat Shop on Duval for a cool summer straw, then practically next door to Antonia's for my BD lunch. (Judy, that's not where I'm going with Tom and Tee on Saturday.) I really need that break before I get back to the taxes on Friday and probably Sunday!

Stan's life is more interesting than mine. He made spagetti with meatballs and sausage yesterday. Fabulous. Today he is duplicating (again) a soup we got in the grocery in CA some years ago. He kept the label and takes it to the store and buys whatever he can find matching or close to the ingredients. Then he just does it! The first time was great, second not so much, and this time so far awesome. It is a tomato bisque. The main ingredient isn't tomato, it's squash. Go figure!

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Yesterday was not so good - going to get some more magic juice at the infusion center today.

Had to laugh (just a little - I am having swollen ankles for the first time - yes, these have been pointed out to the nurse. My brother was here when this started being obvious. He asked why? I replied, "retaining water?" This a week after an overnight stay to be hydrated! And constant reminders to drink more fluids as I continue to throw everything up. We looked at each other and giggled out loud.

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My dear Stephanie, my hat is off to you that you can see the irony and still giggle. What's the majic juice you are getting? I must have missed that. Hope it will give you better days today and tomorrow and the next day and....

It is only 10 past 2 but I am DONE--not really done, just done for today. I can't believe anyone could ache so much just getting up and down from the table to the computer to the copy machine etc. I'm trusting I can finish Friday and Sunday and oh well, if I go til Monday, so be it. I really want to take this to the accountant on Monday or Tuesday. I have a massage on Wednesday and a show with friends on Thursday. I'd like to enjoy that with nothing hanging over me.

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

Actually I should be saying good morning,since its almost tomorrow here,what day I am not certain,Thursday?.Special hello to my friends JudyKW and Stephanie,let me say right off,magic juice,spagetti,sausage and meatballs, sound just perfect for me just now.

What a beautiful day its been here today,I have enjoyed every moment,weather, well unbrocken sunny blue skies,who would believe this is supposed to be darkest mid winter.I missed the gyming and swimming today,its Stobhill Lung Cancer Support Group today,I pick Sheila up en-route,we had a great discussion ,everyone I think enjoyed themselves,I shared with them my USA pics I took and my Evening Times feature,hope I did'nt bore them too much.Its the first time I have met up with everyone,since before Christmas,so lots to talk about,Robert spent Christmas with his daughter in Phillidelphia and shared with us his pics,Sheila after driving her home,presented me with a wee prezzie of a special edition of Grants Whisky for running her to the support group over the last year,I have to confess in having sampled one of two of its delights tonight, so please ignore any comments I subsequently make,just as well I dont have work in the morning,LOL.

Well, I have just booked my flights to the US of A today as from the 2nd of May until the 17th,I know LUNGevity's Hope Summit is only at the tentative stage booked for the 4th to the 6th 0f May,but what the heck,I am coming anyway,still to book my visa and hotels,thinking about one week in WashingtonDC and one week in New York.Funny thing is,I tried (too early)to fill in my Visa application,it asks you to name your USA destination,and address,well I dont know my hotel yet,but I did know I am arriving in WashintonDC,the next question on the form is which state?,well I am not a dummy I know its not Washington,thats over in the West coast,since I have met the Senator Andy Hill,Stephanie and Sara,for goodness sake, in Seattle,well what state is it then?,I check my Oxford Dictionary,surely WashingtonDC is the capitol of its state?,no way, just to confuse me further it seems its called Maryland,I think?,well thats what I put in my application form.Having completed my app form,I get the message back, that my visa I got last year,still has another 30 days to run,so I erase my app,re-read last years app form it says it expires on the end of Feb.Oh well,think I will leave this until closer to my departure date.

Well Thusday looms,its bedtime for me,goodnight everyone,enjoy the rest of today.Bye.

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