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Thursday's Air


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Evening All! I'm late and can't stay long. Am tired after a long but pleasant day. I was showered and chilling in front of the TV around 9 am anticipating going hat shopping and to lunch for my BD. Suddenly someone was at the door and it was my cleaning lady. She said my eyes got big as saucers when I saw her. I wasn't ready. Had convinced myself she wasn't due til next week--Freudian slip??? She graciously offered as a BD present to come on Sunday. Sigh of relief.

Got two cute hats at KMart instead of the hat store. I probably got both for less than I would pay for one at the Hat Store. Of course, I peeked in the window when I went downtown and it would have been fabulous lol.

Salmon on a bed of arugala topped with red and yellow tomato salsa. A fabulous garnish on the side. Wish I could remember what it was. Creme Brule for dessert. The waiter put a candle in the Brule. I waited til he left and blew it out wishing for another BD next year. Am planning on making that wish an annual event.

Eric, I am so excited. It's likely we will meet in Washington. I'm really psyched to see how many of us get to go.

I'm really tired. Back in the office tomorrow. Hope I get it done but not counting on it.

Have a good evening.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy,

I'll be willing to bet both of your hats are adorable. You look so cute in them! Your lunch sounds like it was so good too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY even though it's so late now.

I got through today with only one morphine pill. I was really hurting tonight and checked my log to see I went all day without. No wonder I got a little more accomplished than napping.

Got the bills paid. That's good. I taught Randy how to pay them while I was in the hospital, and thought he was doing it. Good thing I caught it on Feb. 2 rather than later in the month. Also a good thing I got out when I did before they took something from us like a car or house. J/K. At least not this month.

Don't know if I mentioned this or not. Was supposed to meet with the out-patient team for chemo recommendations on Tuesday. I convinced them to move it back to 2/21. Told them I needed to have my pain under better control before taking on the next steps. Glad that I did.

So where is everyone these days?

Judy in MI

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