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Morning All! Hi Bud. Hope you read the morning after a post. It's good to see you and hear you are biking on schedule. Great news for drought relief and wishing you good fishing. We may or may not watch any of the Super Bowl game also.

Looking forward to lunch with Tom and Tee. Stan's been in a funk lately, reacting negatively to everything I say. Hoping being out with people will pick up his spirits. He's been working on repairing the new/old boat trailer he bought to replace the one that was stolen. Think he has a hard time with the fact that things go a lot harder for him physically now--well, he is about to turn 72 for goodness sake!

Have a great day everyone. Will check in later to see if anyone else shows up.

Judy in KW

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Well, Judy, I'll at least show up for a minute. I'm looking forward to hearing about your lunch with Tom and Tee. Right now I'm living vicariously through those that post and are getting out and doing stuff. I finally fashioned a little desk at my chaise lounge in the living room, so I have a place for my computer, endless glasses of water, and a big box of pills! Oh and a nice stack of books that I'm tackling a page at a time.

It's sunny and pretty today. A lot of the guys came over to fish this morning. Remember i posted last night that I worried about this? No need to. They began to walk on the ice and found that they were wading rather than walking. Phew!

Now he is inside hanging pictures that came off when he and his buddy fixed dings in the walls and painted. He's about to feed me breakfast, and even debating if I might be able to get out for maybe a quick dinner out tonight. I think I might be up for a short stint out if I can get in a good nap this afternoon! We shall see.

Have a beautiful day.

Judy in MI

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Home Sweet HOME !!

Good morning everyone from sunny Northern California. It is so great to be home. I tried to log in again with my old user name but I had tried too many times so it won't let me. I guess that means that I will stick with the temperary account name I set up while gone. Maybe it is time. Will see if maybe I can get someone to help me post a picture later.

I have to go get some groceries and visit with my neighbors. The only one I have seen is my next door neighbor who saw my car and came to welcome me home. Unfortanately not enough rest and teperature changes have given me a major head cold but hope catching up will get me past it soon.

I have gone through and read only yesterdays posts. Will take me a while to catch up. Bud glad you are riding and that some of the drought is over. We go along the border in South Texas and there were signs of green part of the way and we did travel in some rain. Still it looks awfully dry in most of those areas.

Well got to run and have breakfast and go shopping. I will be on more regular now. Have a great day everyone.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Another beautiful sunny day here in Scotland,well, Janet does groundhog day count here also?think I can cope with another six weeks of this weather,not had much of winter at all this year.I am so glad you enjoyed watching the Corries on youtube,the link you sent for Crooked Still didnt work,but I googled them,you are right, I did enjoy their music.

Well it was a busy week for me,gymming,swimming and yoga-ing,bowling and puppy watching,phew,lazy day today.Would you like to hear a fishy story?I promise you this is absolutely true,I was chatting to my friendly neighbourhood newsagent today,I just happened to mention I was going on Radio Clyde on Monday,well of course I would, I hear you all saying,well anyway,he said I was on the radio also a couple of years ago.I was driving on the motorway near Bellshill when something thumped onto my cars roof,suddenly sliding down my windshield was a large fish,it got caught up on my windshield wipers and bonnet(hood),I could'nt stop so I drove home with it still there in place,the fish was solid to touch,but not frozen,showing it off to my neighbour,he suggested this might be an interesting story for the newspapers.The national newspaper called the Sun sent a reporter and a photographer round to my house to interview me,and published the story.The following day BBC Radio4 phoned and asked me if I would like to be interviewed on radio about this story,there would also be a university professor in the studio to share in the programme.Well this professor went on to explain a theory about the fish falling on to my car,he explained the fish could have arrived from waters off Jamica caused by the recent passing of Hurricane Katrina,carried by the Jet Stream up to Scotland and dropped by the falling temperatures.About a week later,two biologists from the environment ministery turned up at his door and asked if he had kept the fish,yes its in the freezer,they took the fish away for a couple of days and returned it,confirming it was not a species from around the UK,I asked my newsagent what was the fishes species,he could'nt remember,I was thinking of Judy's mutton snappers or Buds crappies.Anyway he went on to say that an artist contacted him to make a strange request,could he borrow his fish,as he wanted to paint it,this was done and my newsagent is now the owner of a painting done on canvass of that fish,so I asked hime to bring it to the shop that I might take its pic,send it in here and just maybe one of you might tell us what its species is.

Well ABC tomorrow,Ross will be taking the service,for the first time in weeks(Ross 31,was dxd with a brain tumour six months ago)he still attends church and is remarkably upbeat. Dots in the afternoon,some fun and games with Jack and Emma.

Have a great weekend everyone.Bye.

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Evening All! I'm going to respond backwards to posts because Eric, that is just an amazing story. Too bad the fish was dead and couldn't enjoy is more than 15 min of fame lol.

Welcome home Lily. Sorry about the cold. Travel often does that to us.

Judy, the lunch with Tom and Tee was great. What terrific people. We ate and lingered two hours at the table. Then we stood and talked by their car. I think we all hated to see it end. I'm sure this will be an annual event if they return to KW. We also suggested we might call and stop and have lunch sometime when we're traveling thru the Carolinas. So glad we planned the event.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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