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A New Ribbon for Awareness


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UPDATE: Scroll down for revised graphics!

Hello my new friends! I think we all know that breast cancer has better marketing and 'brand awareness' than any other disease (including other cancers and even HIV).

The keystone of the branding? PINK. You can't find one product category or professional sport that does not contribute to breast cancer research through their sales or display of pink merchandise. In Philadelphia, they even make the famous Love Fountain run pink on significant breast cancer awareness days.

All of this is to say... No one knows about the white ribbon. Or is it pearl? And it was clear in the past... We don't have clear branding.

I think we are also concerned that the public at large has NO IDEA how deadly lung cancer is.

So... Without further delay, here is my idea for a new ribbon and new lung cancer awareness merchandise. I know it's very, er, forward, but it WILL get the conversation started!

I know it's not for everyone, but I would love your feedback anyway!


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Like Judy, I don't think the skull and cross bones are the way to go but I think you are on to something. Lung cancer certainly needs to recieve more awareness and support. Good on you for showing initiative !

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Thanks for your feedback, everyone! Yes, I realize there are two sides of the coin, which is why I thought this would be a good place to gauge a response.

I'm really not interested in doing something that wouldn't be widely supported.

Just curious, what is the significance of purple?

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I like purple, but only because I look fabulous in it! LOL. When they used to clasify us by color palates like "winter", "summer, etc., I was always a winter with my skin tone and dark hair. Fox, I'm wondering if this kind of color profiling even exists in your young world. :-)

I get your idea of raising awareness that lung cancer kills, but all do, so I think replacing the skull with the word HOPE would be a nice touch.

I like your creativity!

MI Judy

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Purple is already the color for "all cancer". Isn't it?

I really question coming up with a new color. We know the spectrum of white/pearl/clear. I think that a better idea would to get all the different lung cancer groups to agree to rally around one of those rather than introduce a whole new color, which would only divide us more.

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I'm going to share a story-My son and I were heading to a Breath Easy event out of town and we were having a little trouble finding the location. Then I spotted a car with a white ribbon on it. I told my son "that's the lung cancer ribbon, lets follow them". He said "Oh, I thought it was a faded out pink ribbon (on the car)", I said "you know what, if we weren't headed to this event, I would have thought the same thing". We kind of had a silly laugh about it.

But, I think that says a lot about the need to add something to the standard white. I was kind of thinking Lungevity was leaning towards blue. But hey,I'm in support of anything that distinguishes it from faded out pink.

BTW, I shared the story above with my coworkers, they all agreed...when they see a white ribbon they would have thought faded out pink.

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