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Morning All! Don't expect much today since it's superbowl Sunday. Glad Bud said he might or might not watch it--so I can say it's not a girl thing lol. I tried to get into football when Stan and I were young. Even then, it seemed the thing to do. It just never "took" with me.

The worst of my office work is done. I told Stan I don't want to let up too much or I'll already be behind in 2012's bookkeeping. But this week I do believe will be more fun and relaxation than work. I was having such a great time yesterday but honestly was tired by 2 pm. I've really been getting up already tired in the morning after a perfectly good night's sleep. Chemo fatigue or overwork. Probably a little bit of both.

Eric, what will you be doing while everyone is watching the Superbowl tonight? Anyone remember when it was earlier in the day? Stan and I remember a bowl party that would start in the afternoon and it certainly was not 6:30pm before the game started. The world seems to have changed when I wasn't looking.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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If there is anyone out there lurking, what I'd like to know is who watches for the football game, and who watches for the entertainment value of the commercials? And then who watches for the 1/2 time show? I put the 1/2 time show in a category of itself because it's been known to be controversial in the past. Who can forget the Janet Jackson fashion faux paux a few years ago. I don't know why everyone freaked out, I mean come on, it was a boob! We all know what those look like.

The 1/2 time show this year is by 53 year old Madonna. Seeing the previews, it's amazing how she looks. I am positive she has not had "work" done. That is 100% 53 year old buffness. LOL. I guess who cares right? If I had nothing more to do than spend my millions on making my older body and face pretend it's young for a couple of more years, than maybe I would? Nah....probably not. My priorities are likely to always be different from hers.

So, my vote? ALWAYS the commercials. I do enjoy football, but college ball is what I like. Seeing a bunch of multi-millionaires out on the field crashing into each other, being bad sports by hitting too hard, or grabbing that facemask with malice, is just silly. I say that to hopefully provoke some football fans into posting here. LOL.

The commercials intrigue me. They pay gobs and gobs of millions of dollars for 3 minutes in the commercial line up. I find that fascinating. In another life, maybe I would have gone into marketing.

K, enough of that.

I went to church today! First time in six weeks. That was nice. Afterward, we went to the grocery store. Because of my current state of health, I did not feel a bit of guilt using the little go-cart things. First they are fun. Though they could amp up the speed a bit. Second, I was able to shop for an hour without dragging myself around the store. The challenge with them is that the adults are not training their eyes at that height level, so it's always the cart driver's challenge to not hit anyone as they walk in front of you. I always wonder how people's children even survive trips to the store!

I love the ones that don't want to be slowed down by the cart driver and attempt to cut me off to get ahead. That's so nice, especially on Sunday. I must admit to a secret shiver of pleasure when I occasionally beat them to the narrow part of the aisle and get ahead. LOL. Not that any of it matters.

Have a good rest of the day.

MI Judy

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Hi Judy,

Sorry, I will not see the superbowl match,however lots of Brits in the UK will,its on some channel somewhere,one of my former work colleagues Linda Muir will be watching,talk about an expert on American football, she's so good,its a total mystery to me,I just dont have a clue whats going on.

In the UK the main sporting event currently,is the rugby union six nations competition between Scotland,England,Ireland,Wales,France and Italy,each nation tries to win the league,the Scotland and England game within this league has a separate trophy to compete for,its called the Calcutta Cup,this game is steeped in history,this is its 140th year,there's nothing greater in a Scotsmans ambition than to beat England at this game,in Scotlands National Statium at Murrayfield in Edinburgh,we all wait every two years for this event,since its venue each year rotates with Englands Twickingham Stadium.Well I sat down to watch this yesterday,Scotland were showing such promise,outclassing England keeping about 66% of the play,oh no,a stupid ,stupid,kick out clearance by a Scots defender is intercepted by an English forward,and drops it into the Scottish touch for a try,I cannot believe it,how can anyone make such a basic,grrr,mistake,its kindergarten stuff,unbelievable,I am now chewing the rug with frustration,Scotland are pushing forward again,surely they must get some reward for their efforts,but England are awarded a penalty kick for absolutely no sane reason,they score,the referee is obviously in the pocket of the English,the rascal,the game drifts on,England defenders block every creative move by the Scots forwards,we are getting beat 9-6 I cannot stand the tension anymore,I switch over to the Disney channel which has suddenly become more interesting to me,please dont mention sporting events again,I just cannot cope,now I have to wait for another two years.

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I think the best thing about Superbowl Sunday is that the Mall and the movies are practically deserted :) My parents were both football fanatics and golf-aholics (is there such a word?) - subsequently I grew up doing my best to avoid both. I can, on occasion, be a good sport and watch a game - football only, watching golf is like watching grass grow - but fortunately my husband, who likes football and golf, is not a fanatic. Unfortunately however two of my three sons took after their grandparents - but except for Thanksgiving and Xmas the do all the screaming and yelling at their own homes.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday - I am off to the movies and the Mall with a friend!

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Evening All! I've been playing with my new Adobe Elements photo program today. The operative word is "play." So far I'm lousy at it. Anyone remember the recommended # of pixels for an avatar on LCSC?

On today's Air:

Seeing a bunch of multi-millionaires out on the field crashing into each other, being bad sports by hitting too hard, or grabbing that facemask with malice, is just silly.
Judy, a shameless attempt to draw out the lurkers lol.
,I switch over to the Disney channel which has suddenly become more interesting to me
Now, now Eric, remember good sportsmanship lol.
I think the best thing about Superbowl Sunday is that the Mall and the movies are practically deserted
Diane, I love this!

Have a good evening everyone. By the way, never hit the arrow back button after your Preview.

Judy in KW

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Hey Judy, well obviously my shameless attempt to draw out the lurkers did not work! But we only got 35 lurkers thus far, so I'm afraid this day didn't even draw many of them!

As for picture size? Ideally it's 200 pixels height x 300 pixels width with a file size of 48.83 kib.

You can "tell" it to re-size it automatically, and sometimes it works.


P.S. Giants won. Who cares? The commercials weren't that good either. Madonna singing Like a Virgin sounded silly for a woman her age. As did most of her songs.

Ah....another Super Bowl gone by. On to February 6 tomorrow.

Judy in MI

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