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Monday's Air


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Morning All! It's been rainy going on two days. This morning everything feels damp but too chilly yet to turn on the Air. The electric bill has been such a treat this year with the AC off a great deal of the time.

With nothing much competing, Stan and I were flipping in and out of the Superbowl from sometime in the 2nd qtr. We watched the half-time show and most of the rest of the game. I was in the computer some of that time. It was nice to be in the loop with most of TV viewing America. I've never been a big Madonna fan but I thought her show was spectacular. Classy too. Liked she brought in other talent.

Will probably goof off a bit this morning since I have to meet the accountant at 1 pm. Have errands to run while I'm in town so I'll reserve my energy. Will try to go a little early with an excuse to stop for a latte.

Judy, I figured out one of the reasons why the Air is slow now. We're not funny LOL. I needed funny yesterday and went on FB to read Becky's humor posts and pics. Big LsOL. We also tragically lost Annette who was one of the funniest people I've met. They were so funny they often inspired the rest of us to interject humor. Wish I could say something funny right now. Hum, can't.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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hi everyone!

I am sitting here in my lovely infusion chair. It is going to be a loooooong day - I got here at 10:30 for Bloodwork and appointment and will be sticking around for support group at 5:30. Thank God for my iPad, a good book and homemade chocolate chip cookies I smuggled in!

As for the Super Bowl talk - I was raised by a crazy Giants fan, he even dragged us to Giants practices and scrimmages, so, in rebellion, and because my children love them, I am now a Patriots fan. Needless to say, I cared about this game, and am not happy with the ending! But, it is just a game! I thought Madonna did well, some people thought it was boring, but I think she tried to keep in mind it was a family show and toned her style down for it. Not really a Madonna fan, except for her role in Evita in which she was amazing, but she was better than some previous half times.

I truly think the best part of Super Bowl Sunday ( besides the food) is the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet! So much more fun watching puppies play than grown fat men!

Have peaceful days!


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Maybe a lot of our old friends are now getting their "social media" from FB now.

That would explain why this forum is so quiet.

Personally, if I'm writing about my journey with lung cancer, FB is not where I would share it. Too many people are "friends" there that I wouldn't want to share details that I would be inclined to share here, knowing that the folks that are here are folks that have been in the battle, or loved someone in the battle.

MI Judy

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