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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Made some crazy move and lost my post.

Not funny but a feel-good story. Went to Office Max and bought a new All-In-One. The clerk put it in the cart and off I went. Do you think I thought about asking someone to come put it in the car for me? I have no problem asking for help but the people waiting for a bus were a distance from my car. I didn't feel comfortable walking over and asking. I was jockeying the cart, trying to find an angle to tip it out and into the car. With my history of miscalculations, that could have been a disaster. Just at that moment I heard "Could I help you." A gentleman from the bus stop came to the rescue. He wouldn't even take a tip. I told him he made my day.

Remember when getting new computer stuff was fun. No more. I'm dreading it--from finding out where the old one is plugged in back there behind the computer panel to working through the set-up. Stan went to town and made me promise not to move it into place til he gets home so I'd better go look things over.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well its almost evening,its 5.00pm and just starting to get dark outside.Did my yoga and swimming this morning,dropped Sally off at the supermarket this afternoon,she is getting a taxi home,she has been gone nearly three hours,a bigger shop than I thought,unless she she has made a detour,to some bar?.

Bowling tonight,second session,8.30pm to 10.30pm not my favourite slot,particularly since its got so cold and frosty here this week,mind you England have had it much worse,ice and heavy snowfalls.Well I set my sat nav to the zip code for Radio Clyde yesterday,it took me to a huge shopping mall,could'nt see the radio station anywhere,I had to get some directions from shoppers to find the blooming place,think I had to ask different people on three separate occassions.At last,I get to the stations reception desk,I tell the young lady of my navigation probs,she said,yeah,all our visitors end up in that shopping mall,because we have the wrong zip code in all our publicity materials,doh!!.No one think of correcting it?I ask,she looks at me as if I have two heads.

Anyway my contact person Allan comes along to welcome me,offers me a refreshment,I say yes,he points me towards the water cooler and tells me to help myself,I mean I am not a diva,but come back BBC all is forgiven,at least they kept me continually busy with coffee and biccies.I am directed to a small studio to put on the provided headphones and directed to speak into the mic in front of me,Allan and I have to wait for Moira to join us,in the meantime,Allan and I have a conversation all about me,what better a subject,eh,I waste no time,think he enjoyed himself.Anyway,Moira,comes into my headphones,we dont meet she is elsewhere in the building,she welcomes me and opens with "Introduce yourself Eric,well with no further direction,I talk through my LC story,think I was a bit verbose,but I didnt really know what she was looking for,asked me about LC symptoms,wish I had written them down beforehand as I had forgotten one,unexplained

weight loss,after which she said,so Eric how would you advise someone presenting these symtoms,what swhould they do?.Well I described how important it was to visit your doctor as soon as,early diagnosis can save lives,since by the time LC is diagnosed in patients,for the marority it commes too late to be curative.Moira then thanked me for my attendance,wished me good luck,bye.I really felt a bit uncomfortable with my performance,so many things I had left unsaid or could have been put better,is mentioned my thoughts to Allan,his reply,Eric,you said a tremendous ammount about lung cancer,there was plenty of materials for the editors to use,very often we get guests in the studio,who end up with very little to say,you certainly dont have that problem.Well it cheered me up a wee bit,but I just wish Moira had given me a bit more direction,with what this recording was all about,I might have given her more focussed responses.

Hi JudyKW,I do read the forums every day,although I dont always post,noticing your comments about a lack of humour in the posts here,and while agreeing with you the absence of Becky and Annette,is seriously missed and cannot be replaced,I still get so much enjoyment reading yours and others posts,so dont downrate yourselves,the regulars here do a remarkable job.Got to go,the taxi's arrived with Sally and groceries,catchup with you later.Bye.

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Good afternoon friends!

Judy, I have been in that position - thinking I can handle a big box on my own, then struggling not to drop it in the parking lot and KNOWING people are watching me and probably laughing! I am so glad someone came to your aid!

And Eric, I also know how you feel. I did a radio interview on a local NPR station. They gave me the questions ahead of time, and I thought I was doing a good job. Then they went off script and asked about my children and how they were coping. I got all flustered and emotional and started babbling a bunch of unrelated gobbledygook. I never listened to the Interview afterward, or even gave anyone else the link to hear it! I am sure, in hindsight, it was fine! I am a little jealous of the bowling evening. In my younger days, I spent an inordinate amount of time in the bowling alley (sometimes wonder if it was all that second hand smoke that got me - now you can no longer smoke in bowling alleys!!!). When my kids were little I was on 3 leagues at once. I was never great at it, but for someone who hates playing sports, that was one I loved.

I spent all day yesterday at the hospital. My Bloodwork was at 10:30, doctors appt. at 11, and infusion at 11:30. However, the lovely inner workings of the pharmacy messed up somewhere, and my Avastin and Zometa didn't show up until 3! I had support group at 5:30, so I just hung out with a book afterward and waited for that. Then the hour drive home at 7:30, it was a long day.

Today I shall be a slug.



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Well I have finally decided to bite the bullet and get the business tax stuff going --but I have still managed to waste the last two hours doing crossword puzzles and vacuuming up dog hair -- both occupations much more fun than the bookkeeping.

KW Judy - my computer is limping along, but it's started doing some strange things so I am going to replace it before it just blows up altogether. I love the idea of the all-in-one's, but don't know anyone who has one. Would love to know what you think of it once you've had time to get it all set up.

Eric and Janet - I used to love bowling. I'm not very athletic and bowling was the one "sport" where I could find a team who wanted me. Hadn't bowled in years though and my grandkids talked me into going about a year ago -- it was soooo humiliating. Honest truth - the holes in the ball were a bit too small and my hand got kind of stuck - and I guess I had too much momentum - not to mention the slippery soles on the rented shoes - and wound up doing a very undignified belly flop and sliding several feet into the lane. Naturally the place was packed, and my grandchildren were just about rolling on the floor laughing and couldn't wait to get home and tell everyone what a great bowler grandma is :oops: Pulled a muscle and haven't had the nerve to bowl since.

Well enough procrastination. Happy Tuesday everyone.

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Who says we are not funny--Diane I really did LAUGH OUTLOUD at your bowling story. I'm afraid I was in a bowling league a short time when I was maybe in 9th grade. What I remember is we all went and celebrated when I broke 90. For those of you who don't know about bowling scores, 90 is still really bad!

Eric, when I was doing PR work years ago, I did a TV spot where you sat with an interviewer. I was perfectly comfortable in that venue. I had to do daily radio reports, however, and was never really comforable. I think it has something to do with not being able to read the body language responses of the listener. I'm sure you did great.

Janet, I do a long chemo day too--usually around 9 to 3 or 4. I am definitely ready to go home then not stay around for a 5:30 meeting. I know you love your group but you do amaze me sometimes with how much you can do in a day. I'm really impressed.

Diane, the All-in-One is the thing that does copy, scan, print and fax. I got it because I wanted wirelesss. Since my current computer has Windows 7, it wouldn't let me share the printer like my W2000 Pro did. My desktop is about 9 yrs old now and I find I don't use it at all anymore. Problem is, my laptop is big and heavy and I have to carry it back and forth from the office to my recliner where I am right now. The AIO was really a prep before I let our company spoil me one more time with a MAC Air Laptop. What a lucky girl I am. Did I complain about all that time I spent on taxes--if so sorry lol.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy in KW

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It is almost time to start dinner, but I want to comment on "all-in-ones" first. We bought an a-i-o computer about a month ago. I absolutely love it. It takes up so little space, and it is really, really fast. It has a wireless keyboard and mouse. The only downside to it, and this may be common to all new computers, is the keyboard. The keys are only raised about a sixteenth of an inch and it takes a while to get used to it. I'm really pleased with mine. I don't like to see products "pushed" on these boards, but if you are interested, pm me to find out which one we got and why.

Then, a week or so later we got a wireless a-i-o printer (it prints, scans, faxes ?, downloads pics. Love it, too.

I had the Geek Squad set up the computer before I took it home and I was able to set up the wireless network and the printer. I probably could have done the computer, too, but I didn't want the possible frustration. Brand? sent me a pm. The printer is unbelievably fast. Really, really and it was on sale the week we bought it.

It is fun to get new computer stuff. Now, if I could just adjust to the newest Office Pro, I'd be even happier.

Today is cloudy. We will be having an out of town guest for almost two weeks - arriving tomorrow. I went to the car wash today and they were closed due to the weather! Sure hope they open as promised tomorrow.


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Good Evening Everyone,

Would you believe its 1.50am,I am still up,watched some TV after I got home from the bowling,I really have to say guys,this is not ten pin bowling,its something on a higher level,where do I start? gosh think I really need a bit of video film to explain,this game can be played outside on grass,Sir Francis Drake in the 15th century,was repudiated to have said when the Spanish Armada was approaching the UK,let me first finish my game of bowls,before responding to them.I have been playing indoor bowls as is required in winter,this is played on a rink,where a small ball(a jack) is rolled out onto a rink,each player is required to bowl a ball which has a weight on one side of it,which means its path follows a curve,the idea is to place you bowl as close to the jack as possible,good players can dislodge your bowl already placed by the jack,to occupy the position you had once held,I hope thats makes sense to you?.The game concludes by counting the teams bowls that finish closest to the jack.

Hi Judy KW,there are times,where abbreviations or expressions are used here, which are outside my understanding,due to cultural differences,which make it difficult for me to understand,for example "I went to the office max and bought an all in one",well in Scotland we call a all in one, a baby grow,which is an article of clothing for a baby which competely covers their arms,legs and body,which is put on them going to bed at night,but on reading further I understand its something about computers.LOL.Good night everyone,its bedtime for me,see you tomorrow,fuguratively speaking.Bye.

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