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Please take a moment to reply to the email message I sent to each of you yesterday asking whether or not you are recommitting to being a moderator of your forum.

If I don't hear from you within a week I'll adjust the forums accordingly.

Thank you so much,

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hello, just an update on forum moderators who have replied




Randy w


Nick c






If you name is not on here and you still would like to be a moderator contact me today or I will assume you no longer wish to be a moderator.

Moderators will be reinstated or replaced by Friday Feb 17.

Thanks so much everyone and to all the volunteer moderators I appreciate you so much!!

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The message boards have been updated to those wishing to remain moderators.

This is a call out to volunteers who'd like to moderate a forum or for exisiting moderators who want to moderate additional forums. We can use your help!

The Introduce Yourself forum always needs a welcome wagon and we need folks to post interactive and interesting posts to generate conversation and most importantly to answer posts from our newcomers.

Message me if you'd like to moderator or would like additional forums.

my deepest THANKS and appreciation to all of you!!


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