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Radio Clyde-Lung Cancer Broadcast.Part 2

eric byrne

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Eric Byrne

Hi Everyone,

I think I shared with you all that I was invited as a guest by Radio Clyde to appear in a recording of a Government funded public broadcast on Lung Cancer,particularly its early diagnosis.Apparently,this prog will be edited and distributed to independant radio stations throughout the UK.Well I sat a desk for the recording,headphones on,mic in front of me,all I heard through the headphones,was the interviewer,Moira,saying right Eric,introduce yourself,no further direction than that, well,I described my LC journey through dx and treatments,following this,Moira then asked me,what a listener should do if they think,they show some of the symptoms for LC that I had described.Having now completed the interview,Moira thanked me for my contribution,I then left the studio.I wish I could tell you I gave a superb account of myself,but I really felt,I could have done this better,wishing I had said this instead of that,really thought I had blown an opertunity for lung cancer survivors getting their voice heard,since a week after this recording now,I had heard nothing from them,I thought,well,maybe the recording has been binned,and they are now looking for an alternative interviewee.

However today,just home from the gym,my wife tells me that someone wants me to return their call regarding last weeks interview,which I did,It was Nicola of Consolidated PR,who are behind the programme which is called Life Matters:Detect Cancer Early Campaign,she went on to describe having heard my recording,she tells me I had said exactly what she was looking for from me,that she is absolutely delighted with my performance,I cannot tell you how hearing this was such a relief to me.She tells me my recording will be broadcast from the 27th of Feb on several radio stations.In fact she went on to ask me if I would like to meet up with Scotland Minister for Health (Nichola Sturgeon) next Monday to share my story with her,then join two other cancer survivors breast and prostate,on a conference platform to share our stories with the public,apearently this event will have extensive press coverage.I will of course let you know how that went next Monday.

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