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From the desktop of "Taffy"


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shared by Michael, this was found on Stephanie (ts) (also lovingly referred to as "Taffy") 's desktop.

Things to know:

I still don’t know if I care if I am cremated or buried. I do want to stay here (ie, no transfer to Southern California!) Sometimes I think sprinkling me in the garden would be just fine. Or maybe I can keep Walt [Crowley] company up on Capitol Hill?

I’m happy about:

~ finding a loving relationship with Michael

~ having friends that still show up years later and hopefully, being a friend

~ attaining both my BA and MArch

~ design work that helped provide affordable housing

~ design work that brought joy to the inhabitants and users

~ volunteering in my adopted community of Seattle - zoo, P-Patch, SAM, Boomtown, GRACE, Lungevity, NLCP, and more

~ getting out of the country to see a little bit of the world

~ buying a house (or two)

~ facing this disease with an open heart and mind

~ having two warm and funny creatures by my side

~ bettering the bio-diversity of at least two properties in Seattle, puttering about in the dirt

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