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Thursday's Air


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hello folks,

if your day's been anything like mine, what a crazy busy day!!

I'm intersted to see if anyone has seen the Dr. Oz show yet today? I know they run them at different times of the day around the country. I've got mine set on DVR so that I don't miss Kasey!! SO PROUD OF YOU Ms KASEY!! I miss you!!

Today is Rickey's birthday so we will be going off to dinner soon. FOr 17 years we celebrated his birthday and my moms' together since they were only two days apart...so these last 5 years without her presence has been a reflective time of year. She was a big part of our lives and we really miss her, especially this time of year.

I hope everyone is well.

Many hugs,


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Katie, I DID see the show. I never watch Dr. Oz, I find him a little too full of himself, and I only watched the beginning, the part with Kasey but it was great! He had 4 different people list their symptoms and he gave a hint or two and then an audience member had to guess what kind of cancer they had. he was trying to show that pains you might think are nothing Could actually be cancer. When it was Kaseys turn he made the point that her cancer was the number one cancer killer of women and that 1 in 5 of those women never smoked. The audience member was shocked by the statistics. Hopefully the whole audience was paying attention.


Enjoy yourself tonight Katie. Remember the past celebrations with your mom with smiles and a toast, (I lost my mom 18 years ago this month, I have a Whiskey Sour, her favorite drink, in her honor on days I miss her most) and Happy Birthday to Rickey!

peace - Janet

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Good Morning Everyone,

I know,its still Thursday where you are, but in Scotland its 12.50am on Friday.First,KatieB,I hope you and Rickey had a wonderful meal together,yeah I know what you mean about lost parents,I so miss both my wifes parents and mine on special occassions,gosh what would I give just to share their company again?.

Thank you Janet for your info on Kasey's appearance on Dr Oz,sadly we dont get that prog in Scotland,but I did mention that to one of my facebook friends,Christine Dwyer,she is going to try and send me the the link.

I so wanted to wish Judy KW all the best for her chemo today,isnt it typical?,all the things we should have done,we let them slip for one reason or another?.Sorry Judy,please accept my apologies,must say I loved your pic the other day,with Stan,great to see an image of him at last,and you so colour co-ordinated,I tend to be the same type of person,my buddy Bill is completely different,some of the combinations of dress he wore to work,everyone always remarked he got dressed in the dark.

Wonder how JudyMI is doing?, I so miss her daily contributions to this forum,I never did find her other health site?.Come on JudyMI,share a word or two,and you Bud,Bruce,Lillian et al,you know who you are,get typing.Bye for now.

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My day has been a bittersweet one.

On one side it is my 16th anniversary with the last six being the lonely ones without my sweetie!

On the GOOD SIDE!! A friend of mine who runs a travel agency wants to do a fundraiser for Lungevity. She wants to try and book some cruises in one evening for clients with proceeds going to Lungevity and also a percentage of her commission going to Lungevity! so we are in a preplanning stage now and brainstorming ideas and thinking of possibilities for donations for a silent auction as well.

Cruising for the Cure 2012!!!

Sometime in early May is planned. we are thinking silent auction as we want to involve patients as well as caregivers friends and families and anyone interested and auction would be geared towards those who might not be able to afford cruise but could afford local services and products!

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Randy that is SO awesome!! Please keep me posted and let me know how I can help!

PS. I love the pic you posted of your sweetie on FB group and I'm sending big gentle hugs for you today



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thanks and will keep you posted cause will need some help on this one! we hope to go big! specially with the auction because I know economy is tight! specially for patients and family right now!!

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