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Morning All! Working Joes and Janes, you not only hit the end of your work week but are looking to a three-day weekend. It will make traveling difficult for us tomorrow but I'm glad for you.

I'm trying not to stress (where's that Ativan). I got thru chemo day yesterday by 1:30--a record. The chemo nurse was tired because she had to work the weekend. So she decided since she didn't have blood work orders from the doc, she'd skip them. She always goes back in the book for continued orders??? She could have called him???? I told her I thought I was building fluid in my abdomen again so she said they wouldn't give me much fluid today. Consequently, I was done about an 1 1/2 hrs early. She is a piece of work. I was o.k. with it but it means today I have to be in there for my shot early. I have so much to do to get finished packing to go.

I'm going to take an Hall Pass til Wednesday. Don't think I'll have much time between now and then to get online. Will look forward to seeing what's been going on while I'm away.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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She just SKIPPED your bloodwork?!! Wow!! I am sure you are fine, but I would imagine she broke some major rules?

However, getting in and out quickly was a major bonus. I only go in for the hour long infusion of Avastin, and it always takes at least 3 or 4 hours waiting for the bloodwork and pharmacy. Last time it took 4 1/2 and I made a complaint, I never complain, but that was ridiculous - I have cancer people, things to do, places to go!!!

I am off to the church in a bit to help with a mailing. My church is just a couple of hundred feet down the road and the administrator is a dear friend, so I go in whenever needed to help fold bulletins and stuff envelopes, but mostly for a good cup of coffee and conversation!

My middle child, Lauren,is coming home for the long weekend. When she is home she mostly just studies (she is in medical school which requires a lot of that!). But, I like to make sure I cook her all her favorites, so after the church I am off to the grocery store.

Yesterday I went to give my OLD golden retriever a ride in the car and he couldn't jump up to get in. He tried every door, ran around and around the car trying his hardest, but he just doesn't have the hips for it any more. It was so so sad. he is my best friend and I am afraid I am going to lose him sooner rather than later. The hardest part of being a pet owner.

I just went on a rant on my nieces FB page. She put up something about lung cancer needing research dollars and her friends answered with the typical lung cancer stereotypes. Normally I try not to hijack someone else's posts with my anger, but somebody needed to be educated! I did feel much better after I hit send!

have a wonderful Friday everyone!

Peace - Janet

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Hi there,

Good for you Janet. Venting sometimes just plain feels good, and educating always is rewarding.

I've been off for a few days. Just trying to wrap my brain around all of this, and having a difficult time. So many thoughts are racing.

Judy, me too. Looking forward I mean.

Well have a good day.

MI Judy

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