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Sundays Air


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good evening!

we forgot Sats air so I will make my post a bit long to make up for it!

its beeen a tough weekend for some of our members here, so I can only imagine "Just for Fun" forum is the last on anyones mind lately.

so many are dealing with loss or anniversaries of losses and some have been having difficult health problems right now too...My prayers and thoughts and hugs go out to all of you.

So excited to have moderators set in place and some new moderators too standing by to offer support to those who need it.

If you need some extra one-on-one support right now, just contact me and I can match you with a LifeLine Support partner.

If you haven't heard yet, longtime member and original board member of LCSC (when LCSC was an independant non profit) Andrea, is going thru so much right now. Both her parents have LC, but after 7 years, her mom is in hospital dealing with some very sudden and very critical issues. Shoot her your support and prayers when you get the chance.

Its been such an uncommonly warm winter in TX. What's the weather been like where you live?

For those of you who work, are you off tomorrow for President's day or are you on your way back to work?

Bud, are you taking medical leave for your shoulder injury?

I stayed up until almost 4am last night creating a new website (party animal, I know) so I have been dragging and tired all day.

Took my son to a scary movie but other than that, I've been just too tired today to do much more.

Wish all of you a wonderful Monday.

Many hugs,


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