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Would like some information please

Kelly Hines

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Hello, my name is Kelly. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4, extensive small cell lung cancer last week. It has metastasized to her liver that they know of. Her doctor is a very upbeat man who told us that this type of cancer responds well to chemotherapy, and she should start feeling better within a couple of weeks. Is this true? Or is he just trying to keep her hopes up? I do notice that he tends to answer questions like a politician. The only thing he has answered directly is that he can't guarantee a cure. I like that my mother is very positive about the treatment, but I also would like to be informed, for myself, about the possible outcome of this late stage of the disease.

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Hi Kelly. Welcome, and glad you found us!

I had NSCLC, not small cell, but I wanted to take a minute to welcome you. Others who are more knowledgeable about small cell will be along shortly.

I do know that small cell lung cancer often has a very good, and sometimes even complete, response to chemo, so your doctor is telling the truth. The problem is that small cell lung cancer so often comes back after that initial great response to treatment.

But there are long term survivors of small cell lung cancer here, so join your doctor in being optimistic. Again, welcome, and keep us updated!

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Kelly, my friend was dx'd with ext. small cell probably 4 to 5 years ago. She is doing very well and has be moved from 3 month scans to 6 months scans. Only problem is some neuropathy in her feet. She considers this a small problem. She is living life to its fullest.

I wish your Mother the same success.

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Everyone is very different in terms of how they respond to treatment, side effects etc...

If your mom is having pain, chemotherapy and radiation can definitely help with her pain and help her to feel better.

My dad had sclc and while his cancer responded well to the treatment, he did not. He had every side effect known to man. He just couldn't catch a break.

Another member here who had the same diagnosis as my dad did extremely well with treatment. So you can see how different people and the "same" type of cancer can be.

Its good to be hopeful and encouraging as your mom begins this journey. It's good to have a doctor who is encouraging as well.

Take it a treatment at a time and go from there. You/she will be able to tell after the first week how she will respond to treatment, get on top of any side effect quickly and keep an eye out for nausea, fatigue and dehydration.

There ARE survivors of this disease. You mom can be one of them.

Keep us posted okay? Many Hugs,


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