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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It's 54 degrees outside right now. Forecast high is 63.

In case nursing my shoulder wasn't enough, my back has cratered. This is lower than my previous back problems, sciatic pain on the right side. It's been coming on for a few months now, and I seemed to aggravate it while pushing my boat off the trailer last Wednesday.

I was no doubt using my right side too much, favoring my bad left shoulder. The pain has gotten steadily worse since and now, my right hip hurts so much that I am pretty much non-functional. I broke out the old TENS unit I hadn't used in years, but I can't tell that it's helping much.

At least it happened while I'm off work anyway. Speaking of which, I finally received my orthopedic evaluation appointment. It's on May 1st, so I guess I have plenty of time to get my back better.

I'm going to see if I can get comfortable enough in this chair for long enough to start my online classes today. Have a great day, all!

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Hi Bud,

Wow, you have a lot going on too! Get well soon.

Spent last night in the ER at the hospital. 50% of the time we spend in the hospital is to counteract 50% of what they do to you in the hospital. I'm not a math whiz, but I'm thinking avoiding hospitals gives us a much better chance of avoiding hospitals! LOL

Just was having tummy trouble, that I hope has been resolved by now. I'm going to go take some naps.

MI Judy

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Good Evening Everyone,

Having to rewrite this post,I have been having bother with my laptop getting into forums,I wait for ages then up pops a message “The connection was reset whilst the page was loading”grrr.One lost post.

Well Saturday’s birthday dinner at Guidi’s was cancelled,I dropped Sally off at her hairdressers,early afternoon,a couple of hours later,I get a phonecall from the hairdressers,could I come and pick Sally up,when I arrive she is sitting on the reception’s sofa,two sheets to the wind.i have to assist her to the car and home.I phone Jennifer to put her off,she is’nt upset,kinda half expects these little events.Does that spoil my Saturday night? no way,I am off to Glasgow to see the Morgan Lee Band in the Bon Acord.I take my car rather than public transport,means I cannot drink,but I can still enjoy myself without that little pleasure.Scotland are playing rugby against France on Sunday in Edinburgh at Murrayfield Stadium.Into the pub arrives a mixed group of Scots and French supporters,one of the group in full Scots attire (I use that word carefully since I didn’t want to say dress),amazingly turns out to be English,he has lived in Glasgow for twenty years,is a paid up supporter of the SNP and wants home rule for Scotland,what a guy.The band were just brill,I think the French lads had seen a Scottish folk night out at its best,all the Scots up dancing,well if we cannot win at rugby,we can outdance the French.As it turns out Scotland loses, again,we were robbed!!,methinks we are headed for the wooden spoon.

Sunday,ABC then Dots in the afternoon,Monday am gymming and swimming .Pm met up with a financial advisor in my bank,I still have money in a savings account that only getting 0.5%,I really have to move it,inflation is gobbling up its value,i have also arranged to meet up with Jim of the gym’s nephew, in Airdries Tudor Hotel next Monday,to get an independant financial advisors advice before I make any rash decisions.

Hi Bud,I am really sorry to hear of all the aches and pains you are currently suffering,you really are having a hard time of it recently.Wishing you a speedy recovery back to full health.What are you studying online?

Hi Judy,another injured soldier,still in hospital?,thinking of baking a cake with a file in it to send to you, to effect an escape with.Hoping your lung can heal soon as to get you back home.

Bye everyone,enjoy the rest of Monday.

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