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Morning All! I'm coming in here first or I'm afraid I won't make it again. We arrived home last evening. It feels like we were gone forever. Like Janet said for herself, if I have a big day out, I usually rest the next day. Not so this trip. I think I was out and about every day for 10 days.

I want to rest today but also want to get started on some moderate exercise. I don't know about the total gym. Is it a coincidence that I built up fluid again? Don't know if the last episode started with exercise again or not. I'm going to start with walking, maybe dancing but I'll really miss my gym.

Besides spending time with Wendy and Dominick, we went to Stuart and met up with friends for lunch. They are all from NJ. The one couple has a winter home in Jupiter and the other are good friends we missed passing through KW last week. It happens more than I'd like that we're in Orlando when people are here. So glad we got to connect on the mainland.

O.k., I'm off. Will get back later to read and respond to as many posts as I can. Have a good day all.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It is 57 degrees here. Forecast high is 76. Tomorrow, they're predicting 84 degrees!

This will be my fourth day of doing nothing. My back is a bit better, but I'm still pretty cratered. I'm sitting here enjoying my TENS unit to start the day.

What are you studying online?

Eric, I've started an online Pharmacy Tech program offered by the University of Texas at Arlington. I'm planning on making a career change to that for the rest of my working days, a profession that should be a bit easier on my cratered body than my current work. I was planning on quitting my job and starting this study later in the year, but since I'm home on medical leave, this seemed like a good time to get started.

Glad you made it home, KW Judy. Have a great day, all!

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Ah, I just posted a Wednesday Air reply in Tuesday! Sheesh. Can't keep the days straight lately. There's a lot going on. I'm meeting with the oncology nurse tomorrow to hear more details about the chemo regime they are recommending. Once I've had a chance to digest their proposal, I'll be back to ask advice!

Judy in MI

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Bud, the career change sounds great. It will be new fodder to keep your brain young as well as easier on your body. But what is a TENS unit.

Judy, will look forward to hearing what chemo they have planned for you. Hope it's an easy one.

Judy in KW

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First of all I want to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes. I am happy to report that Bridget took McKenna home this morning and she is a happy and full 7 week old today. All tests came back negative but one. She is allergic to dairy products. She had been pretty gassy from the formula right from the start so that was probably irritating her esphogus all along. It just finally accumulated enough that her body just wouldn't take it any more. She is now on a soy based formula with rice cereal to help it go down. She is home and happy. At first she wouldn't pee but after she got home she had 2 wet diapers right away. Bridget said she did a happy dance for wet diapers :!:

Judy I know that you are happy to be home. I sure understand the need for exercise but I know too that sometimes we have to wonder if it can do us good or cause harm. I am trying again but struggle with my back and legs. Still I know that I need to do it. I am hoping it will eventually help the acid reflux because sometimes when that is bad I struggle to do any exercise because I feel winded. Thank God it is finally getting under control. I know too that you are happy to be home. I am finally getting the chance to enjoy my home and routine again. There is nothing like being gone and then being home. I hope you can enjoy yours and stay well.

Judy MI I pray for the chemo do kick some cancer butt without kicking yours. I always look forward to reading your posts. It seems no matter how bad things get for you you find a way to make it work. I am sure you will do the same with the chemo. Oh and a TENS unit is and electric stemulation machine. You tape electodes to the back and the TENs puts out small charges of electricity to the nerves and that can help ease some of the back pain.

Bud sorry for jumping in there but wasn't sure if you would be back here today. I know about the TENS because I used to put it on my husband every morning for a very long time. I hate that you have to suffer with your back on top of your shoulder injury. I know that means no fishing for a while and that and not bike riding must have you at your wits end not counting the pain. I applaud you for getting yourself ready for a new career. Good luck with that and hope you are feeling better soon. I want to hear about more of those fish you are going to catch.

Well again thanks to all of you who have kept my family in your thoughts and prayers Have a great day everyone and sure hope to see more people her again soon.

One more question. It has been a very long time sense I have seen a post from Dawn and Sara and a Bruce. Any one know how they and some of our other MIAs are doing?

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