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Well, I'll start, and if someone else beats me in, moderator, please merge my post into theirs. It's a sunny and beautiful day here. The ice storm passed, and now it's going to get to 50! Before you know it we'll have daffodils popping up through the shards of ice! LOL.

R took me out for a nice little dinner last night. I could tell he was feeling the weight of all of this, and it physically looked like it was weighing him down on his shoulders. Finally I took his hands, and said "no matter what they say, we only have one choice here. It is to live. Since we know that, the only other choice is to live in fear and anger, or live in joy, finding delight in any and everything we can. I choose to live well, and live with joy."

I asked him if he remembered when his Mom was dx with lung cancer. She was very angry. Not only was her last few months of life abjectly miserable, but so were the lives of those around her that loved her. We remembered how sad we all were, and how sad and mad she was and the whole thing was a dark and awful thing to endure.

I asked him to keep in mind that no matter what they said, I was going to be here as long as it's meant to be, and whether that's a month, or ten years, there's nothing to do other than find a way to live in peace, with that. And joy! I told him how sad it would make me if I was truly embracing the beauty of life, nature, and relationships, while he brooded in the corner because "life was not fair." Our news this week has been filled with horrible things. We had a road rage incident that resulted in a young couple being killed. We know of two young people at Gilda's who died from their cancer, so young, with lives so full of promise. There were the school shootings in Indiana. And on and on and on it goes.

I told him that we both know that life is hard. Not only is it hard, but it is not fair. Some folks seem to skate easily through life (although appearances can be deceiving), and others suffer great tragedies. We need to put our situation into perspective, and realize that our story is no different. It's life and life is hard. What we do with that is what determines how awful and difficult it has to be, or how amazing and awesome it can be.

He looked through his tears at me and smiled, and said that he understood. I know it will take time for him to absorb it all, but I think he will.

So at 4:00 I meet with the oncology nurse to go through everything, and then we shall see.

My two brothers are coming over for lunch. I'm looking forward to that.

Have a good day.

MI Judy

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Morning All! Am REALLY trying to take it easy today. My cleaning lady is here. After getting a few things ready, I've just been getting some BDay cards in the mail and checking in here.

Lily, sorry I didn't know the problems with the new baby. Sounds like everything is on track now. I'm so glad. My son was allergic to dairy and on soy formula. The only thing I hated was how much it stained his adorable clothes lol.

Janet, my daughter is usually aware of my limitations but I also tend to push the envelope when I'm with her. It was Bed, Bath & Beyond that got me this time. A manager came by while I was sitting on one of the massage chairs. He suggested I try one. I told him I was afraid if I did he might find me still there in the morning. On books, the Postmistress is a good read but for me not compelling so it is taking forever to finish it. If you haven't read it though, get Sarah's Key. OMG I hope I got the title right. I'm going back to Tues Air and see what you recommended. See--I forgot already. Any chance of seeing a pic of that little foal? How exciting is that!

Judy, sounds like a touching moment with R. Glad you've found your way back to the positive side of this. I wouldn't worry too much about the chemo. It sounds like it will probably be limited to the standard 4-6 infusions that typically follow surgery? I hope so for you. These endless maintenance chemos going one into another suck.

Oh Lily, thanks for the TENS info but I don't think Bud is giving up biking or fishing anytime soon. Am I right Bud? Didn't I read your awareness that you were out fishing and getting paid lol????

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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good afternoon everyone!

Lily I am so happy the baby is doing better and they nailed down the problem. How scared her parents must have been!

Judy in KW the book I am reading is Fall on Your Knees, but it is getting strange, not sure I would recommend it? I can't tell if I love it or not?! One book that I would recommend, if you have any interest in historical fiction, is Ahabs Wife. And, as soon as the foal is born I will attach a picture - I can't wait! The mom has a 13 month old foal already, Mabelline, she is the friendliest, sweetest creature. The farm continues to be my happy place. no matter how bad I am feeling, when I turn into the driveway and see the animals my spirits lift!

Oh and I agree with you, from what I know about Bud from "the air", he will not be slowing down! And, Judy in MI you keep up that great attitude, that is half the battle!!

I got some fun news the other day. I have a "life list" that I have been slowly working on (money being a big obstacle - especially for the " owning a VW bug" !). But, one of my items on the list is to drive a backhoe. Guess what my sisters got me for my birthday! No, not a backhoe, but there is a place in NH called NH Sandbox where you can go and operate the big machinery, we are all going up in May to watch me kill myself on the backhoe!! Now I just have to find a monkey to hug, get a tattoo and a few other things!

My daughter Lauren, my middle child, is home for the week. She has the month of March off from medical school so she will be home quite a bit. It is nice having someone home with me during the day, even if all she does is study! to it we are going out to a local pub to hear some good friends play in their band.

Have a wonderful day everyone, peace

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First of all ladies let me say that all 3 of you amaze me. You are facing so much yet you continue to be upbeat and ready to face off with the monster all just about every day. Judy MI your attitude is by far one of the best I have ever seen under just about any circumstances much less facing cancer yet again.

Let me say I have no doubts that Bud will be back out fishing and riding soon. What he is going through now is just a bump in the road but sometime those bumps can really throw you for a while. I was just going by what he is saying about his condition right now. Bad back and bad shoulder at the same time can put a crimp into all activieties for a while. Bud hope that is a very short while and you are up and at all the things you love again soon.

McKenna is doing so good now. Bridget posted some pictures of her playing and laughing. It does my heart good to see her so happy and healthy again. I shared the pictures on facebook for those of you who care to take a peek. So grateful for all of the prayers and well wishes. I know that they helped so much.

Got to run now and see what I can eat for lunch. Spent the morning helping take down decorations and hope to eventually get some things done here in my apartment. Seems like by the time I finish my fitness routine there is always something else waiting for me to do. I have two friend her that just need someone to talk to and I seem to be it most of the time. I really don't mind. It makes me feel good if I can help someone else. I remember a time when I needed someone and no one was there. I also remember the time when someone was there and then later when this board picked me up off the ground and got me moving again with all of the love and good vibes so many good people put out. Bless you alll.

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Janet, you know how jealous I am of your farm! I'm not a cat or dog person but farm animals and animals in nature are a passion. Once in awhile I get to see marsh bunnies or a key deer or more in Big Pine, oh yes, and chickens. I'm in heaven when I see a hen with a brand new brood. Don't have much else in the way of my kind of animals here in KW. Can't wait to see that baby. I will put the pic in the folder with Bruce's baby steer. BTW Lily, I am in touch with Bruce and he is fine. Shows up here once in awhile but not on FB at all.

Janet, I love your life list. I don't think wanting to drive a backhoe is all that strange. One of my proudest moments as a young girl was when the hired man told my Uncle I could handle the Ford tractor pulling the rope attached to the hay forks. The hired man had been teaching me to drive the small tractor on the sly. Pulling the forks sight unseen up and through the opening in the hayloft on the other side of the barn was a tricky business and I did so good. I know you'll be great on that backhoe.

I will write the names of the books down so I don't forget. I can check them out on Amazon to see if they sound like something I would enjoy. No more used book store here anymore.

Judy in KW

P.S. Hey Lily, hi again. We posted at the same time.

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Hi everyone,coming in the room tonight I was met by a sleazy looking fella on his way out. He had a big black hat on and a eye patch and a skinny a little mustash. I think he was one of them spammers because I see the room has more in it. Judy and Judy, I hope and pray the very best for both of you on your latest treatments. Janet, I hope you get that VW, I have always liked them also. I think the newer ones are even better looking than the old ones however I dont think they are a cheap car anymore. Were any of you Monkee fans back in the day? I feel bad about Davy Jones death. Altho the Monkees were never cool like the Stones or Beatles, they represented fun and foolishness and good times and their music was always good. Just another part of my youth checking out is what makes it sad I quess. I hope you all have a nice weekend. Im ready for summer.

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